To America Jones Or Whom It May Concern - ACDCA Book / Publication

recently, I was going through my messages with a friend I no longer have
contact with. we both have an interest in the general ethos and
aesthetics of LHOHQ. back in August 2018, he shared an image with me,
saying a friend of his had bought "an ACDCA book". I've attached the
image he sent me. back then, I didn't pay much attention, thinking it
could be easily found on the ACDCA Publications Archive at, or just be found
online. recently, I came to know that is not the case.

is this an authentic ACDCA publication? if so, is there any place I can
purchase it/download it in its entirety (assuming that isn't the full
text already). either way, very interesting text.


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Free Borkistan