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Tell McKinsey & Company: Cut ties with Customs and Border Patrol

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"Cut all financial ties with Customs and Border Patrol and commit to refusing all future work with any government agency advancing Trump's racism."

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Dear 5849376,

Tell McKinsey & Company: Cut ties with Customs & Border Patrol

McKinsey & Company consultants are corporate mercenaries who prop up authoritarian dictatorships around the world.1 So it's no surprise that when McKinsey started helping Immigration and Customs Enforcement, its recommendations were downright horrifying.

McKinsey consultants recommended cutting spending on food, medical care and detention and speeding up deportations, according to a new report from ProPublica and the New York Times. McKinsey's recommendations were so heartless they made career ICE staffers – who carry out Trump's agenda – uncomfortable.2

The massive corporate consultant's work with ICE ended in 2018, but the company has since signed two contracts with Trump's Customs and Border Patrol.3 McKinsey is already under fire after revelations about its ICE work. A massive backlash could force them to sever their CBP contract and pledge to stop enabling Trump's racism.

Tell McKinsey & Company: Cut ties with Customs and Border Patrol. Click here to sign the petition.

It's not like CBP needs any help being heartless and violent. Migrants have suffered at the hands of CBP officers for years with little congressional oversight and virtually no legal consequences. Since Donald Trump took office, the agency has operated with impunity to carry out the regime's most cruel and inhumane policies. Agents have tear-gassed refugee families, ripped children from their families and placed them in concentration camps rife with abuse and neglect, joked about assaulting a sitting congresswoman, abused LGBTQ people, and refused to provide HIV medical care.4

But McKinsey & Company specializes in putting profit above human lives. The company – which brags about its well-educated, influential employees – claims it has a socially responsible mission, but its consultants helped opioid manufacturers bolster sales of addictive drugs, advised authoritarian regimes in Saudi Arabia, China, Russia and Ukraine on how to be more brutally efficient, were caught participating in a profiteering scam in South Africa, and face federal criminal investigation. One former consultant even said, "The world is divided into people who are for beheadings and against beheadings," implying his old employers pick the wrong side.5,6

McKinsey and CBP together are the stuff of nightmares. We don't need to imagine what horrors they could cook up together – we already know that McKinsey was a crucial part of Trump's deportation army, inventing ways to speed up deportations at the expense of due process and cut costs even if it meant more suffering and death. The good news is that McKinsey has backed away from clients after being publicly shamed in the past – so a concerted push now could rob CBP of a valuable ally in Trump's war on communities of color.

Tell McKinsey & Company: Cut ties with Customs and Border Patrol. Click below to sign the petition:

Thank you for speaking out,

Heidi Hess, Co-Director
CREDO Action from Working Assets

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