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Tell Congress: Pass the Put Patients First Act

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"Keep discrimination out of health care. Pass the Put Patients First Act."

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Dear 5849376,

Tell Congress: Pass the Put Patients First Act

Progressive Democrats just introduced legislation that would stop one of Donald Trump's most dangerous attacks on our health care.

The Put Patients First Act would permanently block a Trump-Pence rule that gives health care providers the power to discriminate and refuse care to patients based on their personal religious beliefs.1

A federal court recently stopped this dangerous rule from going into effect, but the Trump-Pence administration could file an appeal at any moment. The Put Patients First Act affirms this important court ruling and makes it law. Congress must safeguard our health care by passing this bill.

Tell Congress: A provider's personal beliefs should never dictate patient health care. Click here to sign the petition.

Black and Brown people, women and LGBTQ people already face stigma as well as financial and geographic barriers when they try to access health care. Giving providers a license to discriminate would make it even harder for them to get the care they need and strip away their ability to make decisions about their bodies.

If the Trump-Pence administration succeeds at overturning the federal court decision and its rule goes into effect, it would:

  • Sanction scores of Catholic hospitals that routinely deny women emergency abortion care and other lifesaving reproductive health services.
  • Shield health providers who impose their personal beliefs on their patients and refuse to give rape victims emergency contraception.
  • Protect bigoted doctors and nurses who provide substandard care to LGBTQ people or refuse to treat them.

We cannot let that happen. For years, federal courts have been a reliable firewall, blocking Republicans' unconstitutional attacks on abortion, women's rights and LGBTQ rights. But with Trump and Republicans leading a right-wing takeover of the federal courts, our last line of defense is crumbling. That's why we must push Congress to go on the offensive and pass legislation that affirms patients' rights and permanently blocks regulatory changes that legalize discrimination in health care.2

Even though this bill has no chance of passing in the Republican-controlled Senate, it's still important that we support it and start building momentum for it now. Getting members of Congress to go on record against legal discrimination in health care is critical to building the power we need to block other Trump-Pence attacks and expand access to health care for all.

Tell Congress: A provider's personal beliefs should never dictate patient health care. Click the link below to sign the petition:

Thanks for all you do,

Nicole Regalado, Campaign Director
CREDO Action from Working Assets

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  1. Rep. Barbara Lee, "Bill Introduced to Block Trump Administration's Rule Permitting Widespread Discrimination in Health Care," Nov. 12, 2019.
  2. Sarah Stephan, "What You Might Have Missed in the Federal Court Decision Blocking Trump's 'Conscience' Rule," Rewire News, Nov. 18, 2019.

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