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5849376 – Ady Barkan, a well-known activist leader in the fight for universal healthcare and a friend and hero to the CREDO team, wrote a must-read book. And as a CREDO member, you have the opportunity to be one of the first people to own it by making a donation of $25 or more today. Please read Ady's powerful story below and click here to learn more and make a donation in exchange for your own copy of Ady's book with a foreword written by progressive champion Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. – CREDO Action Co-Director Josh Nelson

Dear 5849376,

Three years ago, when my doctor told us that I had ALS, it shattered the idyllic life that Rachael and I built together: a beautiful infant son, a home in the Santa Barbara paradise and a fulfilling job in the progressive movement. I was 32, and I was about to lose it all.

I faced so many wrenching decisions. But two loomed largest: How should I spend the time I had left? And what did I want to leave behind for my son Carl and for our movement?

Since then, I have tried to answer the first question by fighting for social justice and America's democracy, hopefully in a way that will make my son proud. And I have answered the second, in part, by writing a memoir. It's called Eyes to the Wind: A Memoir of Love and Death, Hope and Resistance and you can order a copy here right now.

Even though I've lost the ability to speak with my vocal chords, I've poured my heart into writing this book and making sure my family's story is heard. I hope it can be a valuable resource for our movement. And I hope that Carl can one day read it and be glad I wrote it.

In the book, I share how living with ALS has reaffirmed my commitment to activism and look back on my early days working in social justice. I also share the highs and lows of starting a family while dealing with terminal illness. The book was just released with a foreword by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, one of my heroes!

If you're interested in reading the book and learning more about my story, please be sure to order a copy.

In solidarity and gratitude,

Ady Barkan, Be A Hero

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