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Tell Democrats: Get Trump's state tax returns

Petition to House Committee on Ways & Means Chair Rep. Richard Neal:
"Use your power to request a copy of Trump's state tax returns from the state of New York."

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Dear 5849376,

Tell Democrats: Get Trump's state tax returns

The governor of New York just signed a new law that gives Congress the power to request the New York state tax returns of elected officials ‒ including President Trump.1

As you might have expected, the lead Democrat on the House Ways & Means Committee responded by... doing nothing.

Rep. Richard Neal spent months twiddling his fingers and delaying a court battle to get Trump's federal tax returns. Now he's showing little interest in using his new power to get Trump's state tax returns.

Americans deserve to know for sure if the man in the White House is a crook. Rep. Neal needs to stop delaying and request Trump's taxes now.

Tell Democrats: Go get Trump's state tax returns. Click here to sign the petition.

Voters gave Democrats control of the House of Representatives in order to check Trump's agenda and hold him accountable. But Rep. Neal ‒ with the strong support of other Democratic leaders afraid of their own shadow, like Speaker Pelosi ‒ steadfastly dragged his heels. He waited months to exercise his authority to request Trump's federal tax returns from the Treasury Department. As expected, Treasury refused, setting up a long court battle that only began this month, nearly seven months after Democrats took office.2

Now, New York state just approved a narrow, focused bill to allow Congress ‒ not just the IRS ‒ to access the state tax returns of elected officials who filed in the state.3 But early reports indicate Rep. Neal plans to drag his heels once again, even though Trump's tax returns could be key to exposing all sorts of potential corruption:

  • Tax fraud. A breathtaking New York Times investigation found that the Trump family used shell companies, illegal markups and undervalued properties to transfer millions from Fred Trump to Donald and his other children. The reporting not only explodes the myth of Trump the self-made billionaire, but also specifies "instances of outright fraud."4
  • Compromising financial ties to Russian oligarchs or the super-rich in America. Without a look at his tax returns, the American public cannot know whether Trump's current debt or his previous business partnerships obligate him financially to Russian oligarchs aligned with Vladimir Putin.
  • Profiting from the Trump Tax Scam while holding office. A government watchdog filed a lawsuit just days after the inauguration claiming that Trump is in violation of the Constitution because any payments to Trump from foreign entities violates the anti-bribery "emoluments" clause of the Constitution. It appears clear that Trump is using his position to enrich himself and his family.

We cannot know the extent of Trump's corruption until we see the federal tax returns, but the New York state returns will still offer important clues to Trump's tax dodging and whether he was ever caught lying about his income.5 Despite all this, Rep. Neal is playing into Trump's hands by delaying using his power to do what voters sent Democrats to do.

Tell Democrats: Go get Trump's state tax returns. Click the link below to sign the petition:

Thank you for speaking out,

Josh Nelson, Co-Director
CREDO Action from Working Assets

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