Sign the petition: Stop local law enforcement from doing ICE's dirty work

Tell Congress: Stop local law enforcement from doing ICE's dirty work

The petition to Congress reads:
"End all 287(g) ICE agreements by passing the PROTECT Immigration Act now."

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Dear 5849376,

Tell Congress: Stop local law enforcement from doing ICE's dirty work

More than 80 law enforcement jurisdictions in 21 states have entered into agreements with ICE that deputize local police and sheriffs to do the agency's dirty work.1

In jurisdictions with these 287(g) agreements, local law enforcement collaborates with ICE to detain and even help deport people who they suspect to be immigrants.2

To protect our communities and block Donald Trump's racist, anti-immigrant agenda, we must put an end to this dangerous program. Our grassroots partners are working with local communities across the country to end 287(g) agreements. We're working with them to push Congress to end the 287(g) program once and for all by passing the PROTECT Immigration Act.3 Will you add your name now?

Tell Congress: Tell Congress: Stop local law enforcement from doing ICE's dirty work. Pass the PROTECT Immigration Act. Click here to sign the petition.

287(g) agreements exacerbate the crisis of racial profiling and xenophobia that endanger the lives of immigrant communities and communities of color. These agreements empower police and sheriffs to:

  • Blatantly racially profile people who look or sound "like immigrants" or have "suspicious" names and interrogate them to determine their immigration status.
  • Use ICE's database to put people who come into contact with local police for minor non-immigration offenses into the deportation pipeline.
  • Issue ICE detainers (or "immigration holds") to hold a person for up to 48 hours to give ICE time to pick up and transfer the person to a detention facility, even if local charges are dropped.

In the first 16 months of the Trump administration, local law enforcement helped ICE deport more than 12,000 immigrants through these agreements.4 Since the program's inception in 2006, ICE and its police deputies have torn apart countless immigrant families and communities. Now, ICE is rolling out new versions of this racist program, pushing for local governments to join "Warrant Service Officer" programs – a new iteration of 287(g) agreements designed to re-create the days when sheriffs held people on unlawful detainers everywhere.5

The PROTECT Immigration Act would eliminate all 287(g) agreements nationwide in one fell-swoop. All agreements expire on June 30. Building national momentum for this important bill is key to highlighting how dangerous 287(g) agreements are and demanding that local communities don't renew them.

Tell Congress: Stop local law enforcement from doing ICE's dirty work. Pass the PROTECT Immigration Act. Click the link below to sign the petition.

Nicole Regalado, Campaign Director
CREDO Action from Working Assets

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