Momentum on impeachment: Today's next step

Tweet at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi: We can't wait. Start leading on impeachment now.

Every day that Trump is in office, he is deporting, targeting and oppressing our people – and Congress is letting him get away with it. Tweet at Speaker Nancy Pelosi to tell her we can't wait. It's time to open an impeachment inquiry now.

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Dear 5849376,

Impeach Trump

We can't wait.

Our country is in a constitutional and moral crisis created by the racist and xenophobic autocrat sitting in the Oval Office. Trump and his administration are hurting our families, communities and planet.

As Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi has the power to ensure Congress exercises its constitutional obligation to hold this president accountable, but instead of using her power, she is giving us political excuses.

Can you tweet at Speaker Pelosi to tell her our communities can't wait and we need her to open an impeachment inquiry now?

Tweet at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi: Waiting is a privilege. Immediately open an impeachment inquiry of Trump.

This morning, CREDO, Movimiento Cosecha, Free Speech for People, MPower Change and more than a dozen other progressive groups released an open letter to Speaker Pelosi to remind her of the obligation she has to defend our communities, open an impeachment inquiry of Trump immediately and start leading instead of asking our communities to wait.1

Waiting is a privilege. But it is not a privilege available to the families separated by Trump's deportation force or his Muslim ban, the asylum seekers languishing in Mexico, the people threatened by his embrace of white supremacy, the LGBTQ people whose rights he is taking away, the women whose bodies he is trying to control or the communities threatened by his denial of the climate crisis.

The momentum is on our side:

  • Over the past few weeks, dozens of Democrats in the House of Representatives broke party rank to publicly support an impeachment inquiry of Trump.2
  • Special counsel Robert Mueller made another impeachment referral to Congress in his first public appearance where he told the American people, "If we had had confidence that the president had clearly not committed a crime, we would have said so." 3
  • Most recently, the Trump administration defied court orders to release transcripts of recorded conversations between Michael Flynn and Russia's ambassador to the public.4

It is past time for Speaker Pelosi to use the full scope of her power to defend not only our democracy, but our families and communities.

Will you help keep up the pressure by tweeting at Speaker Pelosi to tell her we need her to start an impeachment inquiry now?

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Thanks for fighting back,

ThaĆ­s Marques, Campaign Manager
CREDO Action from Working Assets

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P.S. – You can also submit a public comment telling Speaker Nancy Pelosi why you, your family and community can't wait any longer for impeachment here. Your comment, along with your first name, will be shared with Speaker Pelosi.


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Photo: Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images

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