Sign the petition: Tell the Senate to pass the Equality Act

Tell the Senate: Pass the Equality Act

The petition to the Senate reads:
"It's long past time for LGBTQ people to have full civil rights. Pass the Equality Act."

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Dear 5849376,

Tell the Senate: Pass the Equality Act

In a historic act of resistance to Trump's homophobic and hateful agenda, the House of Representatives recently passed the Equality Act to extend civil rights protections to the LGBTQ community and ban discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation.1

But the fight to win full, equal rights under the law for everyone is far from over.

The Trump administration can wage war against the LGBTQ community because there are no explicit legal guarantees of their civil rights. Now, it's on the Senate to take a stance against bigotry and ensure protection from discrimination for the LGBTQ community. Can you add your voice in support of the Equality Act?

Tell the Senate: It's long past time for LGBTQ people to have full civil rights. Pass the Equality Act now. Click here to sign the petition.

From inciting and enabling anti-LGBTQ violence to stripping away hard-fought LGBTQ rights under the guise of "religious liberty," Trump is trying to invisibilize and marginalize the LGBTQ community. By making incendiary, bigoted policy proposals to ban transgender people from military service, allow health care workers to use their religious beliefs to discriminate against LGBTQ patients and roll back an Obama-era redefinition of "discrimination based on sex" to include gender identity, Trump is refusing to create a climate of safety and inclusion, and proactively attempting to dismantle LGBTQ people's rights.2–4

The Equality Act would affirm that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 applies to LGBTQ people, banning discrimination in education, employment, housing, credit and federal jury service.5 The majority of Americans in every state support equal protection under the law for LGBTQ people, but with Republicans controlling the Senate, passing the Equality Act will be an uphill battle.6

Now more than ever, we need to send a strong message to every senator that the vast majority of Americans support equal protection under the law for LGBTQ people and we expect our elected officials to stand with us. Can you help demand that the Senate use its power to stand up for LGBTQ people now?

Tell the Senate: Pass the Equality Act and extend civil rights protections to all Americans. Click the link below to sign the petition:

Thanks for fighting back,

ThaĆ­s Marques, Campaign Manager
CREDO Action from Working Assets

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