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"Reject any Trump infrastructure deal that would gut environmental protections, lower wages, or let Wall Street charge tolls on public roads. Instead, add your name to Rep. Ted Lieu's infrastructure resolution outlining progressive principles and hold the line for a deal that rebuilds a crumbling American without handouts to corporate interests."

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Dear 5849376,

Don't fall for Trump's Infrastructure Scam

Donald Trump recently told his 10,000th lie told while in office.1 But even though he is a serial liar, Democratic leaders just announced that they will compromise with Trump on an infrastructure deal.

After a decade of Republicans blocking Democratic plans to rebuild our nation's infrastructure, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Minority Leader Chuck Schumer now appear willing to collaborate on infrastructure with the racist, xenophobic, misogynist occupying the White House – even though he always fails to keep his word, and his last infrastructure plan was a major coprorate handout.

We need massive investments in America's roads, bridges, transit, schools and parks – but we can do it without helping Trump. Instead, we need to push Democrats to forcefully reject Trump's plans and stand up for a real, progressive and people-first plan.

Tell congressional Democrats: Don't fall for Trump's infrastructure scam. Click here to sign the petition.

The last time Trump talked about infrastructure, he proposed a massive infrastructure scam that would have allowed his corporate pals to gut environmental protections, turn public highways into toll roads, sell off public property to distant Wall Street hedge fund landlords, give billions in tax handouts to Wall Street corporations, fuel the construction of more dirty energy pipelines, and lower worker pay and sabotage worker power. All while creating merely a handful of jobs.3

We know where Trump stands on infrastructure, and we know he lies routinely. So why are Democrats taking his word and trumpeting a new $2 trillion infrastructure deal that will never become real?

Rep. Ted Lieu just reintroduced a resolution with infrastructure principles that would create millions of jobs by directly rebuilding crumbling roads, bridges, and schools and investing in 21st century infrastructure projects.4 Instead of playing games with Trump, every Democrat should co-sponsor this resolution and hold firm to its principles.

Tell congressional Democrats: Don't fall for Trump's infrastructure scam. Click below to sign the petition:

Thank you for speaking out,

Josh Nelson, Co-Director
CREDO Action from Working Assets

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