Calls needed: Can you let Rep. Axne know that we delivered 10 million signatures for impeachment to Congress yesterday?

Millions of people support impeachment. It's time for Rep. Cynthia Axne to follow their lead. Call now.

Dear 5849376,

Yesterday, I had the honor of representing CREDO members at the U.S. Capitol. I joined progressive champions Reps. Rashida Tlaib and Al Green along with friends from MoveOn, Women's March, Need to Impeach, Free Speech for People and By the People to deliver 10 million petition signatures demanding that congressional Democrats start an impeachment investigation against Donald Trump.

Millions of people support impeachment. Call to demand that your representative follows their lead.

Hundreds of thousands of CREDO members are part of a movement of millions of people committed to using their power to defend our families, communities and democracy. We have the momentum, and we need to keep the pressure on Democrats in the House of Representatives now.

We can no longer wait to rein in this lawless, racist con man – we are in a constitutional crisis that requires Congress to take action now. It's time for Representative Cynthia Axne to join the fight. Can you help flood her offices with calls to show her that hers constituents and millions across the country will have her back if she leads on impeachment now?

Call Rep. Cynthia Axne: Your constituents and millions of people across the country have your back. Support H.Res.257 to open an impeachment inquiry of Trump now. Click here to start your call.

Yesterday, we gave Speaker Pelosi and Democrats in the House of Representatives 10 million reasons to stand on the right side of history and impeach. Every day that Democrats wait to hold this administration accountable is a day too long. Impeachment is the providence of the House of Representatives, and Rep. Axne has a constitutional obligation and moral imperative to use her power and lead.

We can't wait when Trump is:

  • Terrorizing our families, neighbors and friends.
  • Separating and indefinitely detaining families.
  • Closing our borders to refugees.
  • Building a fascist deportation force to criminalize immigrants and target people of color.
  • Banning Muslims from entering our country and inciting violence against an entire religion.
  • Erasing transgender people
  • Using the power of the federal government to push a bigoted, racist, xenophobic agenda.

Rep. Axne has the power and responsibility to step up and use all the tools at her disposal, including impeachment, to defend our democracy. Can you call today to make sure that she uses it?

Call Rep. Axne: Your constituents have your back. Support H.Res.257 to open an impeachment inquiry of Trump now. Click the link below to start your call:

Thanks for fighting back,

Heidi Hess, Co-Director
CREDO Action from Working Assets

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