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Dear 5849376,

We need Medicare for All, not more Trumpcare

Donald Trump won't stop trying to steal healthcare from Americans in order to protect insurance companies. Despite the failure of Trumpcare in Congress, his administration is suing to end the Affordable Care Act in court. And now, Trump's top aides just held a summit to dream up a brand new Trumpcare bill that would devastate millions.1

Unfortunately, top Democratic leaders are actively sabotaging efforts to unite the party behind a bold and popular alternative: Medicare for All.2 If Democrats try to defeat Trump with corporate-friendly policies, countless Americans will suffer the consequences.

Sen. Bernie Sanders just re-introduced his comprehensive Medicare for All legislation. Showing massive support for bold legislation like this emboldens progressives and puts corporate allies in both parties on the defensive, so we need to speak out now.

Tell Congress: We need Medicare for All now. Click here to sign the petition.

Rallying behind Medicare for All is especially important because Democratic leaders refuse to support it. Sen. Chuck Schumer once offered to work with Trump to "fix" the Affordable Care Act. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi insisted in the past that Medicare for All supporters take their fight to the states instead, and recently claimed to be "agnostic" on the issue.3

But this is not a matter of strategic differences. Behind the scenes, Wendell Primus, Pelosi's top health care aide, discouraged Medicare for All and recently tried to convince health policy researchers to actively criticize the policy – drawing a rebuke from progressive caucus leader Rep. Pramila Jayapal.4

Despite eight years of Republican attacks on the Affordable Care Act and universal health care coverage, the midterms showed that Medicare for All is a winning issue. Voters in red states demanded the expansions of Medicaid that Republicans once blocked. Republican members of Congress were punished for trying to repeal the ACA. A new wave of Democrats was swept into office while openly declaring their support for Medicare for All. Even some newly elected Democrats who joined the corporate "New Democrat" caucus actually support Medicare for All.

Medicare for All has become the mainstream, common-sense position. It builds on the best of the Affordable Care Act while fixing its flaws. We need to stand behind bold plans like the one Sen. Sanders recently unveiled.

Tell Congress: We need Medicare for All now. Click here to sign the petition.

Predatory insurance companies and Big Pharma stand between people and their doctors and use monopoly power to rob us blind. Medicare for All would replace the for-profit leeches that drive up costs without making us any healthier. Even right-wing studies find that Medicare for All would result in more health care coverage and better outcomes while reducing overall U.S. medical costs. Medicare for All would also improve the program for today's seniors by including younger people and adding dental and hearing coverage into Medicare.

No matter who you support for president, bold progressive ideas deserve support. When members of Congress stand with the progressive base of the party and introduce bills to tackle the real problems America faces, CREDO members will stand with them and help shift the conversation on Capitol Hill. Right now, that means showing tremendous grassroots support for Medicare for All.

Tell Congress: We need Medicare for All now. Click below to sign the petition:

Thank you for speaking out,

Josh Nelson, Co-Director
CREDO Action from Working Assets

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