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Tell the EPA: Don't delete climate science

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"Stop censoring science on and provide Americans with the information we need to act on the climate crisis."

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Dear 5849376,

Tell the EPA: Don't delete climate science

Just days after Trump took office, the EPA started erasing the words "climate change" across its website.1 The goal was clear: Hide the climate crisis so that oil, coal and gas companies can keep making billions.

But making the words vanish didn't make the crisis disappear. And just because we know that Trump's EPA officials are corrupt does not mean we can let them off the hook. The EPA serves the public. We need the agency responsible for environmental protection to tell the truth about climate change.

It's time to tell EPA: Stop censoring science. Put the facts about climate change front and center on now.

Tell the EPA: Stand up for science. Put the facts on climate change back on the EPA website. Click here to sign the petition.

After two years under the Trump administration, the EPA website is riddled with missing links and redirecting pages that obscure once easily found information. One section that provided local communities with resources for fighting climate change disappeared for months. When it reappeared, it included just 175 of its 380 pages.2

Public information on climate change matters. Without it, many people won't recognize the severity of the crisis and will not be motivated to act – which is part of why the EPA wants to hide it. Pretending the climate crisis doesn't exist also helps the EPA to justify ignoring it in policymaking. The sustained attacks on our environment over the past two years are enabled by an agency burying its head in the sand.

The website changes reflect a broader attack on science and scientists under the Trump administration. Government climate scientists report being prohibited from attending conferences or speaking publicly about their work.3 Scientific advisory boards have been disbanded.4 Funding for research has been cut.

The ultimate effect of this censorship is to suppress scientific information when we need it most. Since the EPA's move to censor climate science from the public, temperatures keep rising. Hurricanes Irma, Maria and Harvey inflicted billions in damage. Wildfires in California devoured thousands of homes and tragically took over 100 lives.

It's time for the EPA to stop trying to hide the truth of how our climate is changing and how burning fossil fuel is behind this crisis.

Tell the EPA: Stand up for science. Put the facts on climate change back on the EPA website. Click the link below to sign the petition:

Thanks for fighting back,

Brandy Doyle, Campaign Manager
CREDO Action from Working Assets

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