Signatures needed: Networks giving Trump a prime-time platform for his racism

Don't give Trump's racist fearmongering a prime-time platform

Tell ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS and Fox:
"Don't give Trump a platform for his racist fearmongering."

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Dear 5849376,

Don't give Trump's racist fearmongering a prime-time platform

Every major TV network just caved to Donald Trump and his dangerous racism.

Yesterday, Trump asked them for a live, prime-time slot so he could blanket the country with lies to stoke anti-immigrant hysteria and build support for his border wall and authoritarianism.1,2

Tonight, they are giving it to him. They are all complicit in his racist strategy to manufacture a national crisis and advance his dangerous agenda. It's time to demand they stop.

Tell ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS and Fox: Stop giving Trump a platform for his racist fearmongering. Click here to sign the petition.

Trump has so far failed to get Democrats to cave to his demands for a border wall, so he is trying to radically change the political landscape by ramping up his attacks on immigrants – live on television.

When Pres. Obama asked the networks in 2014 for a prime-time slot to discuss his own immigration policy, they all refused.3 They should have refused Trump, who lied an average of 15 times per day in 2018.4 By broadcasting his misleading and hateful address, cowardly executives at ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS and Fox are:

  • Legitimizing and endorsing his lying and helping him reach tens of millions of viewers who should be able to expect the truth;
  • Normalizing his dangerous anti-immigrant administration, which has attacked unarmed refugee families with tear gas and rubber bullets, jailed immigrants indefinitely and held children in such deplorable conditions that some have died in custody;5
  • Helping Trump build the case for declaring a national emergency, which would give him not only the power to use the military to build his wall, but a sweeping and terrifying set of other extrajudicial powers.6

Since he announced his candidacy, Trump has gone to extraordinary lengths to terrify Americans into supporting his racist agenda. Corporate media has been his willing partner every step of the way. The more of us who speak out now, the more momentum we build to hold them accountable and demand they stop. Can you add your name?

Tell ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS and Fox: Stop giving Trump a platform for his racist fearmongering. Click the link below to sign the petition:

Thanks for fighting back,

Heidi Hess, Co-Director
CREDO Action from Working Assets

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