Sign the petition: Mitch McConnell must stop holding the government hostage

Tell Mitch McConnell: End the government shutdown now.

The petition to Mitch McConnell reads:
"Stop holding the federal government hostage to Trump's racist demands for a border wall. Immediately allow a vote on legislation passed by the House of Representatives to end the government shutdown."

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Dear 5849376,

Tell Mitch McConnell: End the government shutdown now.

Mitch McConnell needs to be reminded that he does not work for Donald Trump.

On Thursday evening, just hours after Democrats regained control of the House of Representatives, Speaker Nancy Pelosi passed legislation to clean up Republicans' mess and end the Trump-McConnell government shutdown.1

But now – even though the same legislation passed the Senate unanimously just two weeks ago – Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is saying he won't even allow a vote because the bill doesn't meet Trump's racist demands.2

Sign our urgent petition now to remind McConnell that he works for the American people – not Trump.

Tell Mitch McConnell: End the government shutdown now. Click here to sign the petition.

In November, voters unequivocally rejected Trump's anti-immigrant agenda. But Republicans are still not listening. Now, thanks to the Trump-McConnell government shutdown, more than 800,000 federal employees and contractors have been on unpaid leave or working without pay for the past two weeks.3 Many of them are struggling to pay their bills and make ends meet.4

McConnell is allowing the whims of his party's fragile racist leader to dictate his every move. He is not listening to the majority of voters who don't want a border wall.5 He doesn't seem to care about the workers suffering because of the shutdown. He is not doing his job. Democrats want to end the shutdown. Does he?

The Democratic plan to end the government shutdown includes two components: one bill to fund the Department of Homeland Security until February to allow time for further negotiation and another to fund other federal agencies through October. Both bills easily passed in the House of Representatives with bipartisan support and would very likely pass the Senate. In fact, on Thursday at least three Senate Republicans called on Congress to stop playing games and end the shutdown.6

The next step is for the Senate to pass legislation and send a bill to Trump. That can't happen until McConnell gets the message and allows a vote. Click the link below to sign the petition to McConnell now:

Thanks for everything you do,

Nicole Regalado, Campaign Manager
CREDO Action from Working Assets

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