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Tell Democrats: Keep holding the line on border wall funding

The petition to Democrats reads:
"Don't give an inch. Keep holding the line on funding for the wall and the expansion of ICE and CBP and immediately put checks on Trump if he declares a national emergency."

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Dear 5849376,

Tell Democrats: Keep holding the line on border wall funding

Donald Trump is so desperate for his border wall that he has been threatening to declare a national emergency to get it. Mitch McConnell is so desperate to please Trump that he is refusing to call a Senate vote to end Trump's shutdown, which is now the longest one in history.

Democrats have been holding the line, but yesterday news broke that some Democratic Senators were organizing a bipartisan rescue mission to save Trump from his self-induced crisis.1 Yesterday, moderate House Democrats also met with Trump at the White House.2

The shutdown is clearly backfiring and vulnerable Republicans are desperate for a way out. Now more than ever, Democrats should keep standing strong against wall funding and Trump's entire racist agenda. They should certainly not give Republicans an easy out. Will you add your name now?

Tell Democrats: Don't give an inch. Keep holding the line on border wall funding. Click here to sign the petition.

It's important to remember that Trump created this border crisis to sanction attacks on immigrants and coerce the public and Congress into backing his border wall. Trump's wall isn't just unnecessary, a waste of taxpayer dollars and harmful to the environment and communities who live in the southern border region, but it's also a monument to hate. Building it would hand Trump a major political victory and ramp up attacks on our communities. It would prove to his racist base of supporters that he has the power to deliver on hateful campaign promises, even at the expense of our Democracy. We must keep pushing to make sure Democrats keep up the fight to block Trump's racist agenda.

Trump's national emergency threats are terrifying. History has shown that the end of many democracies begins when leaders invoke emergency powers to force the government to do their political bidding.3 By trying to circumvent Congress and a majority of voters who don't want a wall, Trump is proving, once again, that he will do anything – including taking a sledgehammer to the Constitution – to advance his white supremacist agenda.

If Trump follows through with his latest threats to abuse emergency powers, it would escalate and normalize the use of lethal military force at the border, supercharge the mass incarceration and state-sanctioned abuse and killings of children in DHS custody and give Trump the power to suppress political protests at the border and dissent across the country.4 We cannot allow that to happen.

To protect our immigrant neighbors, friends and family members and defend our democracy, we need to make sure Democrats continue to hold the line and refuse to cave to Trump and Republicans' threats and hostage taking. Republicans' craven tactics will only work if Democrats compromise. Speak out now to make sure they keep standing strong.

Tell Democrats: Don't give an inch. Keep holding the line on border wall funding. Click the link below to sign the petition:

Thanks for taking action,

ThaĆ­s Marques, Campaign Manager
CREDO Action from Working Assets

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