What CREDO members like 5849376 did in 2018


Donald Trump spent 2018 trying to make America meaner, poorer, more bigoted and more unequal.

CREDO members pushed back on his hateful agenda at every turn. We did not always win, but we never stopped struggling for the just, inclusive and welcoming country we all deserve.

We want to say thank you – and celebrate the astounding activism you were part of in 2018. Click here to watch our year-in-review video and read more about what you made possible.

CREDO is unapologetically progressive, unafraid to be bold, committed to putting communities threatened by Trump first – and powered by CREDO members just like you. In 2018, we were a force for good based on three key principles:

  • Protect the people most at risk from the racist, xenophobic, anti-woman and anti-LGBTQ Trump Republican agenda.
  • Resist right-wing efforts to drag our country backward and the Trump regime's undermining of our democracy.
  • Counter Republican extremism with a bold progressive vision - dreaming big in the face of opposition from Republicans and corporate Democrats.

That is exactly what you did in 2018 – generating more than 27 million petition signatures and making more than 100,000 phone calls to members of Congress and other decision makers.

Click here to learn more about what CREDO and you accomplished in 2018.

2018 was a long, hard year. Our communities and our democracy were under attack. But we stood up, we stood together and we stood strong.

As we look back, we celebrate the hard work we've done as a community. And as we look forward, we're so grateful that we'll be in the struggle together next year and beyond.

Thank you for everything you did this year,

Heidi, Josh, Jordan, Kaili, Brandy, Mark, Carrie, Mark and the CREDO Action team
CREDO Action from Working Assets

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