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Far-right William Barr must not become attorney general

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Far-right William Barr must not become attorney general

Trump's government shutdown eclipsed some important news last week: His pick for attorney general, William Barr, wants to give him cover when it comes to the Mueller investigation.

This past summer, Barr argued to senior Justice Department officials that Robert Mueller cannot investigate Trump for obstruction of justice.1

Barr's memo would be disqualifying even if the rest of his record was spotless, but of course, as a member of team Trump, his record is deep on bigotry and intolerance. Trump's loyal Republicans are trying to present Barr as an old-fashioned moderate, but he's really just Jeff Sessions 2.0.2

Tell the Senate: Reject William Barr. Click here to sign the petition.

Since no one asked Barr to write his memo to the Justice Department, it appears that he was actively trying to court favor with Trump by attacking Mueller.3 He essentially signalled that he would shut down a huge portion of the Mueller investigation – the part focused on whether Trump attempted to obstruct justice – with arguments that law professors say don't hold up. The news of the memo came right after news that Acting Attorney General Matthew Whittaker overruled Justice Department ethics officials and decided not to recuse himself from overseeing the Mueller investigation. In short, Trump seems to pick attorneys general based on whether they will help cover up his alleged crimes.4

When it comes to Mueller, Barr is worse than Jeff Sessions, but he has an equally ugly record on everything else:

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