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Dear 5849376,

Today's the day. We get to vote against misogyny, racism, bigotry and greed. We get to vote for equality, justice and freedom. We get to vote for all of us and the future we deserve.

If you haven't voted yet, make a plan now to get it done today. If you need to find your polling place, click here. If you encounter problems at the polls, or hear of others who do, you can call 866-OUR-VOTE or text OUR VOTE to 97779 to connect with a trained election protection volunteer.

And it's not just your vote. It's important to make sure your friends vote, too.

The Vote With Me app helps you text your friends directly from your phone to make sure they vote today. It helps you identify friends in places with tight races and friends who might need a nudge because they are not regular voters. It's an important nudge. It's much more effective to hear from your friends than from strangers. You can download the app on your phone here.

You can also remind your friends to vote on Facebook. We're partnering with our friends at ParentsTogether to make it easy. The sharing tool allows you to send a personalized reminder message to any of your Facebook friends. If you send a reminder to 20 friends and they pass it along, you could help reach hundreds of potential voters. Click here to try it out now.

And here are some articles we thought were worth reading to get ready for tonight's results:

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