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Dear 5849376,

On Tuesday, tens of millions of Americans will vote in crucial races up and down the ballot. From important local races and key governorships to game-changing ballot initiatives and control of Congress, Tuesday's election has the potential be a major step forward in America's repudiation of Donald Trump's hateful agenda.

That's why thousands of CREDO members are getting involved:

  • In partnership with our friends at Parents Together, CREDO members are using an innovative new tool to contact their Facebook friends and encourage them to vote.
  • CREDO members are also using the VoteWithMe app to send texts to friends living in areas with close races to remind them to vote.
  • Thousands of CREDO members pledged to support ballot measures that would restore voting eligibility in Florida and end gerrymandering in Michigan.
  • We also hosted a Facebook Live discussion on voting rights with Brennan Center for Justice President Michael Waldman, which you can watch here.

While we worked to get out the vote and support key ballot initiatives, we also continued to push for progressive change with our hard-hitting progressive advocacy campaigns.

In October, the consequences of Trump's racist rhetoric became painfully clear. First, a man radicalized by Trump's attacks on the media and his political rivals allegedly mailed bombs to CNN and nearly a dozen Democratic politicians. Then, last weekend, a right-wing extremist gunned down 11 people and shot several others in a synagogue in Pittsburgh. Rather than seeking to unite the country, Trump simply doubled down on his dangerous agenda and attempted to inflame the racist elements of his base for the midterms.

He sent troops to the southern border and floated the idea of using executive orders to eliminate birthright citizenship and restrict the rights of asylum seekers. CREDO and our members are fighting back with campaigns telling Defense Sec. Jim Mattis to stop deploying troops the border, telling members of Congress to publicly condemn Trump's attacks on immigrants, telling the media to fact check Trump's lies and demanding that members of the Trump administration resign from their positions if they don't want to be complicit in his hate. Our criticisms of Trump's immigration policies were cited in October by the Associated Press, USA Today and the Los Angeles Times. CREDO Campaign Manager Nicole Regalado also appeared on The Young Turks' The Damage Report to call out the big banks that are profiting from Trump's family separation policy.

It may seem like a lifetime ago, but it was just last month that Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed to the Supreme Court. We summarized our work to stop Kavanaugh in last month's activism update. In the wake of Kavanaugh's confirmation, more than 175,000 CREDO members quickly signed our petition urging Congress to initiate impeachment proceedings against him. The petition caught fire in the media with coverage from NBC News, CNN, the BBC and countless other outlets. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell also took notice and cited our petition on the Senate floor.

Last but not least, we had three significant campaign victories in October:

  • After the Parkland shooting, nearly 70,000 CREDO members joined us in demanding that corporations break ties with the NRA. Just this week, FedEx finally announced that it would be ending its NRA discount program.
  • Thanks in part to a petition signed by nearly 100,000 CREDO members, Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke signed the California Public Records Act, which will give the public access to critical information on how police departments handle the most serious use of force incidents.

As always, you can keep up with everything we're up to by visiting CREDOaction.com. You can vote on which progressive groups we donate to at CREDOdonations.com. And you can connect with us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Thank you for being a part of our movement for progressive change.

Heidi Hess and Josh Nelson, Co-Directors
CREDO Action from Working Assets

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