Signatures needed: Trump put a racist in charge of protecting people from discrimination

Tell Mick Mulvaney: Fire Eric Blankenstein

Petition to Acting CFPB Director Mick Mulvaney:
"Fire Eric Blankenstein. His history of racism disqualifies him from overseeing anti-discrimination efforts."

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Dear 5849376,

Tell Mick Mulvaney: Fire Eric Blankenstein

Brett Kavanaugh isn't the only Trump appointee with an ugly past.

At the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Eric Blankenstein is supposed to protect people from discriminatory lending practices. But the Washington Post recently unearthed his old, anonymous blog where he says not all people who use the N-word are racist and dismisses hate crimes against people of color as hoaxes.1 And the New York Times caught Blankenstein defending racist birther theories about President Obama as recently as 2016.2

Democrats are demanding that acting CFPB Director Mick Mulvaney explain how he gave someone with Blankenstein's history a job.3 It's up to us to increase the pressure on Mulvaney and force Blankenstein out.

Tell acting CFPB director Mulvaney: Fire Eric Blankenstein. Click here to sign the petition.

Only the Trump administration would put someone who openly speculated about saying the N-word and declared "hate-crime hoaxes are about three times as prevalent as actual hate crimes" in charge of anti-discrimination efforts.4

Even Mulvaney once said that the CFPB could not effectively combat discrimination in lending if it had its own internal issues with discrimination, but that was back when he was a congressman trying to score cheap political points. Today, he seems to have conveniently forgot his prior moral convictions.5

Banks have a racist habit of denying mortgages to people of color at a much higher rate than they deny white people, despite laws that should have ended discriminatory lending a generation ago.6 Decades of research show people of color also pay more for car loans and a host of other consumer loans.7 That's before you start accounting for the lasting effects of redlining and the discriminatory way credit scores are compiled.

Millions of Americans still face Wall Street discrimination and are counting on the Consumer Financial Protection Agency to help – not for its efforts to be led by a racism-denier like Blankenstein.

Tell acting CFPB director: Fire Eric Blankenstein. Click the link below to sign the petition.

Thank you for speaking out,

Heidi Hess, Co-Director, CREDO Action
CREDO Action from Working Assets

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