Hundreds of children are still in ICE custody (signatures needed)

Tell HHS Secretary Alex Azar: Stop attacking immigrant children

The petition to HHS Secretary Alex Azar reads:
"Replacing family separation with indefinite family detention is inhumane and cruel. Do not overturn protections for immigrant children. Uphold the Flores decree."

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Dear 5849376,

Tell Alex Azar: Let the children go

The Trump administration has launched another horrific attack on immigrant children.

HHS and DHS just introduced a new rule that would give Donald Trump the power to imprison immigrant families indefinitely and roll back standards of care for children in detention.1 We must do everything we can to push back on this cruel policy now.

HHS Secretary Alex Azar flew relatively under the radar despite playing a key role in separating immigrant families. That stops now. Every official who helped rip families apart at the border needs to feel the full force of our resistance. Speak out to hold Azar accountable and demand that he revoke this new regulation immediately.

Tell HHS Secretary Alex Azar: Do not overturn protections for immigrant children. Uphold the Flores decree. Click here to sign the petition.

History will remember who stood up to Trump's attacks on children and who helped carry them out. Right now, Azar is standing on the wrong side.

Under his leadership, HHS' Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) placed thousands of children ICE stole from families at the border in child detention camps hundreds of miles away from their parents. An estimated 500 immigrant children are still in foster care or behind bars.2 ORR also oversees the network of child prisons where reports of physical and sexual abuse are rising.3 Now, Azar is leading his department in an effort to overturn the Flores settlement, an agreement that protects migrant children and mandates that the federal government release families with children from detention as quickly as possible.

If enacted, HHS and DHS' new regulation would upend court-ordered time limits for imprisoning immigrant children, allow Trump to detain immigrant families indefinitely and give ICE the ability to license and set new sanitation and nutrition standards for child detention camps.4 That is a recipe for even more suffering and abuse.

The racist bigot leading the DOJ won't do anything to stop this attack. The child snatcher leading DHS will probably make things worse. In fact, children and families across the country would be safer if they both resigned. This is Azar's chance to separate himself from Trump's vile pack of heartless goons. Speak out now to demand that he do the right thing and rescind this dangerous regulation.

Tell HHS Secretary Alex Azar: Do not overturn protections for immigrant children. Uphold the Flores decree. Click the link below to sign the petition.

Thank you for speaking out.

Nicole Regalado, Campaign Manager
CREDO Action from Working Assets

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