U.S. attorneys could block Trump's anti-immigrant agenda (sign now)

Tell border state U.S. attorneys: Defend the Constitution. Stop enforcing zero-tolerance.

The petition to southern border state U.S. attorneys reads:
"Donald Trump's zero-tolerance immigration policy is cruel and inhumane. It's causing chaos at the border and undermining basic constitutional rights. Refuse to enforce this racist policy and stop prosecuting immigrants without due process."

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Dear 5849376,

Tell border state U.S. attorneys: Defend the Constitution. Stop enforcing zero-tolerance.

The fight to end Donald Trump's war on immigrants is a fight to protect our democracy.

When Donald Trump's zero-tolerance immigration policy went into effect, many federal courts in border states began enforcing it by conducting mass immigration trials. In Texas, federal courts are prosecuting up to 70 immigrants at once, making it impossible for defense attorneys to speak to each immigrant, let alone gather evidence and properly represent them in court.1 This violates immigrants' basic constitutional rights to due process and effective legal representation.

U.S. attorneys can and should use their discretion to safeguard constitutional rights instead of following racist directives that undermine them. Speak out now to demand that all border state U.S. attorneys refuse to prosecute immigrants without due process and stop enforcing Trump's zero-tolerance immigration policy.

Tell border state U.S. attorneys: Defend the Constitution. Stop enforcing zero-tolerance. Click here to sign the petition.

Trump and Jeff Sessions' zero-tolerance policy criminalizes every undocumented immigrant – including asylum seekers – and gives DHS and CBP the power to separate and lock up immigrant families. Border enforcement already ripped an estimated 2,700 children from their families and imprisoned them in cages.2

Massive public pressure forced Trump to address this cruel policy, but his latest executive order created another crisis. Instead of decriminalizing and reuniting immigrant families, Trump expanded family detention. Now, DHS has the power to imprison immigrant families indefinitely.3 That is unacceptable.

The Trump regime is treating immigrants like enemies of the state when in fact, the most dangerous threats to our democracy are occupying the Oval Office and leading the Department of Justice. Trump and Sessions' zero-tolerance policy allows Trump's cruel regime to undermine basic constitutional rights so it can tear apart and lock up any community whose presence in the United States threatens the white supremacy at the core of the administration's agenda. U.S. attorneys have the power to stop this attack on immigrants and our Constitution by simply not complying. We need to make sure they use it.

Early this week, I joined hundreds of activists from across the country in San Diego, California to expose and publicly condemn U.S. Attorney Adam Braverman for collaborating with Trump's hateful regime and demand that he protect the constitutional rights of immigrants at the border.4 Now, we must keep the pressure on all border state U.S. attorneys and demand that they stop enforcing Trump's racist directives immediately.

Tell border state U.S. attorneys: Defend the Constitution. Stop enforcing zero-tolerance. Click the link below to sign the petition.


Thanks for everything you do,

Nicole Regalado, Campaign Manager
CREDO Action from Working Assets

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