Signatures needed: No Democrat should help Trump expand his deportation armies

No Democrat should help fund Trump's racist immigration agenda

The petition to congressional Democrats reads:
"No Democrat should fund Donald Trump's racist immigration agenda. Reject any spending bill that greenlights construction of a southern border wall, expands Trump's rogue deportation armies, ramps up immigration detention or further militarizes the border."

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Dear 5849376,

Not one Democrat should help Trump expand his deportation armies

The next major opportunity to obstruct Donald Trump's deportation agenda could happen as early as next week.

Xenophobic Senate Republicans just advanced a bill that would hand ICE and CBP billions of taxpayer dollars to hunt down, arrest and imprison more immigrants.1 To stop this latest anti-immigrant attack, we need congressional Democrats to hold the line and refuse to compromise.

Speak out now to demand that every member of the Democratic caucus use their power to block funding for Trump's shadow deportation armies.

No Democrat should fund Trump's racist immigration agenda. Click here to sign the petition.

We can no longer treat funding for immigration detention and enforcement as business as usual.

Trump and Jeff Sessions' inhumane zero-tolerance immigration policy criminalizes every undocumented immigrant – including asylum seekers – and gives ICE and CBP the power to separate and lock up families.2 Border enforcement has already ripped an estimated 2,300 children from their families and imprisoned them in cages.3 Last week, massive public pressure forced Trump to address this cruel policy, but his latest executive order has created another crisis.

Instead of decriminalizing and reuniting immigrant families, Trump expanded family detention. Now, ICE and CBP can imprison immigrant families indefinitely. His Department of Justice has already taken steps to cut court-ordered protections that cap jail time for immigrant children in order to keep them detained.4 But the administration is using the shift from family separation to family detention as yet another cruel bargaining chip. Officials are threatening to begin separating families again if Congress does not give them millions to expand detention centers. Democrats cannot cave to this vile political hostage-taking.

No Democrat should fund Trump's racist immigration agenda. Click here to sign the petition.

These inhumane policies and racist attacks are an affront to our democracy. Not only do they worsen the country's crisis of mass incarceration and sanction state violence against people and children of color, but they also empower agencies that are undermining the resistance to Trump's fascist regime. ICE deported Haitian activist Jean Montrevil and detained and threatened to deport other prominent immigrant activists including Maru Mora Villalpando, Eliseo Jurado and Ravi Ragbir.5

Republicans in the Senate Appropriations Committee recently advanced legislation that would expand this dangerous rogue army. The bill would increase CBP's already massive budget by $239 million, ICE's budget by $135 million and add more than 600 immigration agents to patrol the border.6 It also gives Trump $1.6 billion to build his border wall. That is unacceptable.7

On Friday, CREDO activists and allies led a protest in front of "child snatcher" DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen's home to hold her publicly accountable for the atrocities happening to immigrants on her watch.8 To stop attacks on immigrant families and children once and for all, we need to sustain the same level of activism at every point in this fight.

Add your name now to demand that congressional Democrats reject any spending bill that expands ICE and CBP, greenlights construction of Trump's border wall or more detention centers, and funds any part of his hateful anti-immigrant agenda.

No Democrat should help fund Trump's racist immigration agenda. Click the link below to sign the petition.

Thank you for speaking out,

Nicole Regalado, Campaign Manager
CREDO Action from Working Assets

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