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Stop Trump's march to war in Syria.

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"Rein in Donald Trump's illegal march to war with Syria. Assert your power to authorize military action."

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Dear 5849376,

Stop Trump's march to war in Syria.

Bashar al-Assad, Syria's gruesome dictator, is waging war on his own people, and this past weekend, the world saw his brutality in a chemical weapons attack that killed dozens of civilians – including many children – in the Syrian city of Douma.1

Donald Trump reacted to the attack by threatening to escalate U.S. involvement in the Syrian War.2 The civil war in Syria is heartbreaking, but unauthorized U.S. military intervention will not help the Syrian people.

Instead, Congress and the executive branch must support the diplomatic corps and work with the international community to build the conditions for a permanent ceasefire. Some members of Congress are already asserting their authority to check Trump's reckless warmongering.3 Now we need to demonstrate that the American people do not want to give Trump his war in Syria, and we expect Congress to do its job.

Tell Congress: Stop Trump's illegal march to war with Syria. Assert your power to authorize military action. Click here to sign the petition.

Trump lacks the legal authority to militarily engage Syrian forces without explicit authorization from Congress.4 What's more, he has done nothing to de-escalate the situation. Instead of focusing on diplomacy, Trump slammed the door on refugees from Syria.5 Instead of filling the Department of State with qualified diplomats to help solve this crisis, he installed an oil executive and now is pushing for warmongering, anti-Muslim Mike Pompeo to be the next secretary of state.6 Real diplomacy is the only viable path that would support a stable Syria.

The images out of Syria are truly sickening. The people of Syria have suffered far too long under the murderous dictator Al-Assad – near daily bombings, children drowning in the Mediterranean Sea while seeking refuge in Europe and several instances of possible chemical attacks, like the one from this past weekend.7

One thing is clear – illegally using our military in this conflict doesn't help the Syrian people. Escalating the involvement of the U.S. military is unlikely to either remove Assad or limit casualties and could lead directly to a war with Iran and Russia.8

The current Authorization for Use of Military Force that Congress passed post-9/11 does not authorize this strike.9 Trump's attacks on Syria also violate international law. The Charter of the United Nations is crystal clear on when it is legal to go to war: in the case of self-defense or when it is approved by the U.N. Security Council.10

Tell Congress: Stop Trump's illegal march to war with Syria. Assert your power to authorize military action. Click the link below to sign the petition:

Thanks for taking action.

Kaili Lambe, Organizing Director
CREDO Action from Working Assets

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