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"Ensure the National Defense Authorization Act does not include funding for Trump's war on immigrants, his discriminatory ban on transgender troops or any other policies that promote or advance Trump's agenda of fear and hate."

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Dear 5849376,

No hate in the NDAA

Donald Trump is using his White House bully pulpit to escalate and condone physical and legislative attacks on immigrants, LGBTQ people, immigrants, people of color, Muslims and others. Democrats need to stand up and fight on every front. In the next month or so, Sen. Chuck Schumer and his Senate Democratic caucus will have the chance to make a clear stand against Trump's agenda of hate and fear when the Senate deliberates on the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), the massive spending bill that authorizes the funding for the Department of Defense.

Senate Democrats have the power to make sure the NDAA protects our transgender troops from discrimination by the Trump White House and does not include any spending for Trump's ugly war on immigrants. We have to make sure they use it.

Tell Senate Democrats: Protect our trans troops and fight to pass a defense budget bill that resists Trump's agenda of fear and hate. Click here to sign the petition.

Republicans need 60 votes to pass the NDAA. They cannot get to 60 without the support of at least eight Democratic senators, which gives Democrats the power to stand up for immigrants and LGBTQ people and block Trump's dangerous agenda.

Senate Democrats must make sure the NDAA blocks Trump's attempt to ban transgender troops and affirms transgender people's right to serve. When Trump recently tweeted that transgender people could no longer serve in the military, Pentagon leadership generally pushed back on his hateful attempt to discriminate.1 Some Senate Republicans were also quick to denounce Trump's plan.2

Trump does not give up easily on his attempts to institutionalize bigotry, and he is already taking steps to implement the policy despite massive critique.3 We know that even the threat of a ban could force transgender service members to hide their full identities or embolden people who want to abuse or harass their transgender colleagues. We need to ensure that protections for transgender troops are enshrined in law. The NDAA is a chance to do that.

More than 136,000 CREDO members have signed a petition urging Senate Armed Services Committee Chair John McCain to make sure the NDAA includes protections for transgender troops. Senate Democrats should do their part and refuse to help pass a bill that leaves transgender troops unprotected from Trump's hate.

Tell Senate Democrats: Protect our transgender troops and fight to pass a defense budget bill that resists Trump's agenda of fear and hate. Click here to sign the petition.

Senate Democrats must also fight against Republican attempts to use the NDAA as a legislative vehicle to launch racist attacks against our immigrant communities. Republicans know that Democrats will never let stand-alone bills attacking immigrants pass the Senate. That is why they are relentless in putting anti-immigrant provisions into bills that will be more politically difficult for Democrats to block, like the NDAA.

House Republicans pushed to dismantle a program that lets the military recruit undocumented immigrants for high-need jobs and then help them get an expedited path to citizenship in their version of the NDAA.4 They used a legislative trick to strip out a Democratic provision that would have blocked Trump from using Pentagon funds to build his wall.5 Senate Democrats must ensure that their version of the NDAA protects undocumented people who want to serve, reinstates the ban on using military funds to build Trump's wall and does not increase funding for his deportation force or immigrant detention.

As the NDAA moves closer to a vote in the Senate, we are joining with our friends at America's Voice and Win Without War to make our position clear: Every member of the Senate Democratic caucus must be relentless in standing up to Trump.

Speak out now to make sure they do their jobs and refuse to let the NDAA be a vehicle for extremist hate. Click the link below to sign the petition:

Thank you for everything you do,

Heidi Hess, Senior Campaign Manager
CREDO Action from Working Assets

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