VICTORY: The TPP is officially dead

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We did it: The TPP is officially dead

Dear 5849376,

It's official. We did it. The Trans Pacific Partnership is dead.

Yesterday, Congress ended its 2016 lameduck session without voting on the TPP – effectively killing the agreement.

Let's make this clear. Donald Trump maybe taking a victory lap for burying TPP, but it was the collective activism of hundreds of thousands of CREDO members along with our friends in the progressive movement and the labor communities who stopped this job killing trade deal.

It was because of your work, passion and activism that we were able to do what many thought was impossible. To recognize the collective activism of our members please share the following graphic to thank and celebrate all the CREDO members like you who were instrumental in this victory:


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Way back in 2013 and 2014, before the media and much of the political world was paying attention to TPP negotiations, you and other CREDO members had already signed more than 1 million petitions and made 12,000 phone calls to Congress. And you did not stop.

Every time since, when we have asked for to add your voice to the fight, you stepped forward to supply it. Beyond petition signatures and calls to congress, CREDO members were willing to show up in force to speak out against TPP in person. Hundreds of CREDO members rallied outside House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi's San Francisco office in June of 2015.

Our members continued to show up in force for numerous events on Capitol Hill to speak out against the TPP. Then, this past summer, CREDO members joined our friends at Fight for the Future, celebrities and other allies in the progressive and labor communities rallied to "Rock Against the TPP" in key cities all over the country. CREDO was one of the anchor financial sponsors of this nationwide roadshow in which high-profile speakers and performers came together to educate the public about the grave threat the TPP poses to workers' rights, the environment, public health and more.

The list of actions our members took together against the TPP is staggering. According to our final count, our members in last three years signed over 2.9 million petitions, made over 50,000 calls and wrote over 22,000 letters to members of Congress to speak out against the TPP. CREDO members also stepped up to financially support the campaign to stop the TPP by donating over $150,000 to boost the advocacy some of the most prominent activists and groups working against TPP.

We are not trying to sugar coat anything. This has been a terrible few weeks for both progressives and our country as a whole. A racist, fascist, sexual predator will now be the president of the United States. However, we could not let this moment pass without saying thank you.

The traditional corporate media outlets, who failed to cover TPP from the start may fall for conventional wisdom that it was Trump who stopped this agreement. But, we have heard over and over again from members of Congress and our allies in Washington that it was your actions that made a game changing difference in this debate. That's why it's important for us to let you know it was your work that made this happen.

Our job over the coming months is to continue fighting with everything we've got and take advantage of every possible opening to ensure that Republicans in Washington do not try to ram through any more job killing trade deals that are nothing more than corporate power grabs in disguise.

Thank you again for your activism – it makes a difference.

Murshed Zaheed, Political Director
CREDO Action from Working Assets

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