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Tell President Obama: Stop the Trans-Pecos pipeline

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"The Trans-Pecos pipeline in West Texas will destroy culturally important land and environmentally sensitive areas and unleash massive amounts of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Honor your binational agreement with Mexico to protect the Big Bend region and stop the construction of the Trans-Pecos pipeline before you leave office."

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Dear 5849376,

The fight for indigenous rights and to keep dirty fossil fuels in the ground is facing a new battle, and we need your help.

Energy Transfer Partners, one of the companies behind the Dakota Access pipeline, is nearly finished constructing the Trans-Pecos fracked gas pipeline in West Texas. If completed, this massive pipeline will destroy historical Native sites and environmentally sensitive areas, deplete drinking water supplies and release massive quantities of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere.

The media has been largely silent about this potentially destructive pipeline, so we must lend our voices now to the activists who are on the ground fighting to stop this dangerous pipeline in its tracks.

Tell President Obama: Stop the Trans-Pecos pipeline. Click here to sign the petition.

The Trans-Pecos pipeline will transport 1.4 billion cubic feet of natural gas per day to Mexico over 148 miles of pristine land in the Big Bend region of Texas, one of the last regions of Texas left untouched by the state's massive fossil fuel industry.1 Pipeline construction is already disrupting fragile ecosystems in the Chihuahuan Desert on both sides of the border, destroying plant and animal life in what is considered one of the three most biologically diverse arid areas on Earth.2

While Mexico has touted this project as part of its clean energy reform initiative, Pemex, Mexico's national oil and gas company, reportedly plans to liquefy much of it once it crosses the border and ship it to more lucrative markets overseas. 3

In late September, Energy Transfer Partners destroyed the Trap Spring archeological site, a culturally important Native American site containing 5,000 years of antiquities.4 The company's own archaeologist recommended rerouting the pipeline to avoid Trap Spring, but the company moved forward with construction anyway, adjusting the route by mere yards.5

Tell President Obama: Stop the Trans-Pecos pipeline. Click here to sign the petition.

In 2010, President Obama and Mexican President Felipe Calderón entered into a binational agreement that affirmed, among other things, their commitment to promoting clean energy programs between the two countries, slowing climate change, and most importantly, protecting and preserving fragile ecosystems in Big Bend and other protected areas on both sides of the border. In a joint release, the two presidents made a commitment to:

  • "Restrict development and enhance security in the region and within this fragile desert ecosystem;

  • Recognize and designate Big Bend – Rio Bravo as a natural area of binational interest; and

  • Manage the region in a way that enhances security and protects these areas for wildlife preservation, ecosystem restoration, climate change adaptation, wildland fire management, and invasive species control."6

President Obama must honor this commitment to protect this region from any further pipeline construction that would harm indigenous sites, destroy the environment, or cause any destruction from a potential pipeline catastrophe.

Hundreds of thousands of us helped our indigenous and environmental allies on the ground to halt the dangerous Dakota Access pipeline. Now we can do it again.

Tell President Obama: Stop the Trans-Pecos pipeline. Click the link below to sign the petition:

Thanks for all you do.

Josh Nelson, Deputy Political Director
CREDO Action from Working Assets

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