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Tell the Electoral College electors: Honor the majority vote and reject Donald Trump

The petition to electors to the Electoral College reads:
"Donald Trump is unfit to serve as president and did not win the support of the majority of the American people. Hillary Clinton is set to win the majority of the vote by more than 2 million votes despite widespread voter suppression and the FBI's interference in the election. Honor the majority vote and elect Hillary Clinton on Dec. 19."

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Dear 5849376,

We are gearing up to fight the dangers of a Trump presidency with everything we've got. Today, we have one last, long shot at preventing the most dangerous and hateful administration in our nation's history. We hope you'll help us fight for it.

On Dec. 19, the electors to the Electoral College will cast their ballots to elect the next president. In many states, these electors are not bound by the state's total vote and can choose to vote for whomever they want with little or no legal consequence.1

Hillary Clinton is likely to win the majority vote by 2 million votes or more.2 The electors have a civic duty to elect the candidate chosen by the people, and they have a moral obligation to elect the one who is most fit to serve.

Tell the Electoral College electors: Honor the popular vote, stop Trump and elect Hillary Clinton. Click here to sign the petition.

There are countless reasons why Trump is unfit to serve as our president and commander in chief: he's a racist who has already installed a white supremacist in one of the top positions in his White House, a misogynist who has bragged about sexual assault, and a bigot who plans to deport, surveille, and harass millions of people because of their religion and skin color. His hate doesn't technically disqualify him from serving, but it should be top of mind for electors as they consider their choice.

In addition, the electors should consider the following when casting their votes:

  • Clinton won the majority vote. With millions of absentee and mail-in ballots yet to be counted, it appears Clinton could win the majority by more than 2 million votes. The Electoral College, designed by the framers to protect southern slave states, is outdated, unnecessary, and wholly unfair.3 In just the last 16 years, two candidates who won the popular vote – Al Gore and Hillary Clinton – have not served as president. In fact, in the last six out of seven presidential elections, Democrats won the popular vote although Republicans have claimed Electoral College victory in three. The will of the people is being subverted by a broken and biased system that doesn't count everyone's vote equally.

  • Widespread and intentional voter suppression aimed at people of color. Since the Supreme Court gutted the Voting Rights Act in 2013, many Republican-controlled state legislatures have enacted measures like eliminating and reducing early voting as well as enacting discriminatory photo ID requirements and restrictions on voter registration to keep Democratic and minority voters from the polls.4 In Wisconsin, where Clinton lost by only 27,000 votes, 300,000 eligible voters lacked the strict forms of ID needed to vote, and the state saw its lowest turnout in 20 years, especially in Black communities.5 In North Carolina, there were 158 fewer early voting polling places in Black communities, and Black turnout was down 16 percent. And across the country, Black people were forced to wait in line twice as long on average as white people.6 It's entirely possible that without voter suppression, Clinton would have won the Electoral College along with the popular vote.

  • Russian interference. Throughout the campaign, it was clear the Russian government was actively working to influence the outcome in Trump's favor. State-sponsored Russian hackers provided troves of damaging emails and documents to WikiLeaks and other websites.7 Paid Russian trolls disseminated fake news across US social media sites to spread misinformation favorable to Trump.8 And though Trump lied about it, his campaign was in direct contact with the Russian government throughout the election.9 Trump has well established connections to Russia through many business dealings, and he spent considerable time during the campaign praising Russian President Vladimir Putin. Now that Trump has access to classified intelligence and the nuclear codes, we can't trust what he will do with them. His presidency is a clear threat to American democracy and our national security.

His supporters, the media and most in our government may have declared Trump the next president, but he did not win the majority support of the American people under ordinary circumstances. Given the extraordinary context, the Electoral College electors have one last chance to right this terrible wrong and cast their votes against Trump.

We want to be perfectly clear that persuading the electors to reject Donald Trump is a long shot. Despite the points raised above, the electors will come under tremendous pressure to put Trump in office. It's a massive uphill battle, but we need to appeal to the morality of the electors to do what's right and refuse to put the power of the presidency in the hands of a fascist demagogue like Donald Trump. People of conscience will stand on the right side of history and continue doing everything in their power to stop Trump.

Tell the Electoral College electors: Honor the popular vote, stop Trump and elect Hillary Clinton. Click the link below to sign the petition:

Thanks for all you do.

Josh Nelson, Deputy Political Director
CREDO Action from Working Assets

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