Fox News moderator must keep right-wing lies out of the last debate

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Tell Fox News moderator Chris Wallace: Don't traffic in right-wing lies in the last debate

Tell presidential debate moderator Chris Wallace:
"Do not traffic in conservative lies and misinformation during the final presidential debate of 2016."

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Dear 5849376,

Call out right wing lies

Chris Wallace, the host of Fox News Sunday, is moderating the last presidential debate of 2016.

If his history on Fox News isn't bad enough, Wallace has called Roger Ailes – who, after resigning from Fox in the midst of a sexual harassment scandal, is now advising Donald Trump – "the best boss I've had in almost a half a century in journalism."1

Fox News has been the amplifier of nearly every conservative myth, lie and conspiracy theory for the past 20 years. Wallace has now announced that he does not believe fact-checking candidates is part of his role as debate moderator. This position is nothing more than a free pass for Trump to lie and traffic in right-wing conspiracy theories.2

Now he is moderating a presidential debate, and there is a risk that he will use the platform to traffic in Fox News' extreme right-wing lies and debunked conspiracy theories before an audience in the tens of millions. With his mentor now working for Trump, it would not be a surprise if Wallace tries to rescue the campaign from its sinking poll numbers.

Tell Fox News' Chris Wallace: Do not traffic in right-wing lies and conspiracy theories in the last presidential debate. Click here to sign the petition.

During the 1990s, the extreme right wing, along with its allies in traditional, corporate media outlets, invented and trafficked in a swirl of lies, conspiracy theories and misinformation that led to taxpayers wasting tens of millions of dollars on fruitless and false investigations.

We've seen the same pattern repeating itself during the course of the Obama administration. But never before has a reporter who has done as much damage as Wallace had the opportunity to put these lies in front of so many Americans at once.

With this critical election only weeks away, there is still the possibility that a bigot like Trump will win the White House. In the final debate, Wallace – a protege of Ailes – could be just the assist the GOP needs to put Trump in the White House. We cannot let that occur.

Tell Fox News' Chris Wallace: Do not traffic in right-wing lies and conspiracy theories in the last presidential debate. Click here to sign the petition.

Just this month, we witnessed the damage that extreme right-wing lies and paranoia-fueled conspiracy theories can cause. As Hurricane Matthew, which had already killed hundreds of people in Haiti, bared down on Florida, Matt Drudge and others in the conservative media, suggested the media and the government were lying about the strength of the storm in order to promote the impact of global warming.3

These conspiracy theories were not only chock-full of misinformation, but they also could have been deadly if people on the Florida coast decided not to evacuate their homes before the storm reached the shore.

The final presidential debate of 2016 will be a pivotal moment in this election. We cannot allow its content to be based on conservative lies and propaganda. The only way we can stop this from occurring is if we stand up now and let them know we will be watching.

If we act a moment later, it will be too late.

Tell Fox News' Chris Wallace: Do not traffic in right-wing lies and conspiracy theories in the last presidential debate. Click the link below to sign the petition:

Thank you, for speaking out.

Murshed Zaheed, Political Director
CREDO Action from Working Assets

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