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Stand up for abortion rights

In June, the Supreme Court issued an historic ruling that struck down parts of Texas' abortion restrictions and affirmed that laws which block access to abortions are unconstitutional because they put an "undue burden" on women's ability to exercise their rights.1

The Court's decision was a huge victory, but it won't be enough to stop anti-woman, right-wing extremists in Congress and in state legislatures around the country. In the past five years, nearly 300 new abortion restrictions have been enacted at the state level.2 In the face of these attacks, Democratic members of Congress have introduced a bill, the Women's Health Protection Act, which would prohibit states from restricting reproductive health care and limiting access to safe, legal abortion.3

Passing a bill that proactively protects abortion rights won't be easy, and won't happen overnight, but building momentum can start now, and can make a big difference. That's why we're joining the Act for Women campaign, along with our friends at the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health, SisterSong, NARAL Pro-Choice America, Planned Parenthood, and many other groups who fight for reproductive justice and women's rights, to push for a federal legislative solution to the national crisis in abortion access facing women across the country.

Tell Congress: Pass the Women's Health Protection Act. Click here to sign the petition.

The passage of so many bills to restrict abortion access and reproductive health care has been devastating for women across the country. When the nearest clinic is hundreds of miles away, when waiting periods require multiple clinic visits, when access to Plan B and even basic birth control is restricted — it becomes nearly impossible for many women to exercise autonomy over their bodies, make decisions that are best for them and their families, and exercise their constitutional rights.

The Women's Health Protection Act would push back against the endless measures proposed by anti-woman extremists that shame women for their decisions and limit access to essential reproductive care. It would prohibit state and federal politicians from imposing a range of dangerous anti-choice provisions, including:

  • Clinic shut down laws that impose medically burdensome regulations beyond what is required to ensure high standards of patient safety and care;
  • Unnecessary laws that impose medical procedures and protocols, like mandatory ultrasounds or forced waiting periods, that serve no medical purpose but shame women for their personal decisions and put obstacles in the way of obtaining an abortion;
  • Restrictions on women's ability to safely access medication abortion in the earliest weeks of pregnancy;
  • Bans on abortion prior to viability that violate the constitutional rights confirmed by Roe v. Wade.4

After years of relentless assaults on women's health, safety, and constitutional rights, it's time to go on offense for women's health and women's rights.

Can you add your voice today to build momentum in Congress to pass the Women's Health Protection Act? Click the link below to sign the petition:

Thanks for standing up for women today,

Heidi Hess, Senior Campaign Manager
CREDO Action from Working Assets

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