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Tell Republican officials: Stop promoting anti-trans bigotry

The petition to Republican attorneys general, governors, and state officials reads:
"Stop promoting hate and discrimination against transgender children. Drop your bigoted lawsuit against extending civil rights protections for transgender people."

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Dear 5849376,

Transgender Equality

Twenty-three states are desperately fighting for their right to discriminate against transgender students.

Recently, the Departments of Education (DOE) and Justice (DOJ) issued joint guidance clarifying that civil rights laws guaranteeing protection from discrimination based on sex includes protections for transgender children. Now, there are two federal lawsuits moving – one led by officials from Nebraska and one led by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton – to overturn the Obama administration's attempt to protect transgender people from discrimination.

The lawsuits, and the people behind it, are promoting anti-trans hatred and bigotry, denying the existence of transgender people, and doing everything they can to make their states into hostile environments for transgender children, students, and adults. It's unacceptable, and it needs to end.

Tell Republican officials: Drop your bigoted, anti-trans lawsuit. Click here to sign the petition.

Collectively, officials from Nebraska, Arkansas, Kansas, Michigan, Montana, North Dakota, Ohio, South Carolina, South Dakota, Wyoming, Texas, Alabama, Wisconsin, West Virginia, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Utah, Georgia, Maine, Arizona, Kentucky and Mississippi are pushing to block the DOE and DOJ's vital extension of civil rights protections to transgender people.1

U.S. District Court Judge Reed O'Connor, who is known for his anti-LGBTQ rulings, heard the Texas-led case last week. Attorney General Paxton cherry-picked the judge for his hateful record, and asked for an expedited injunction – which the judge has not yet granted – so that the states can discriminate against transgender children when the school year starts. 2

Bullying, harassment, and isolation of transgender young people is a huge issue across the country – eight out of ten transgender adults report being bullied as children, and of the transgender people who are harassed or bullied at school, over half will attempt suicide in their lifetime.3 These statistics are horrifying. Young people need their schools to be safe places where they can learn and be themselves, not places where they face institutional bullying and discrimination.

The new protections the Obama administration has offered are basic. They include mandates for schools to respond promptly and effectively if a transgender student experiences harassment, to protect the privacy of transgender students, and to respect every student's gender by using their preferred pronouns and allowing them to participate in activities and use bathrooms and locker rooms that align with their gender identity.4, 5

By pushing back on these basic protections for transgender students, Republican officials are demonstrating that they care more about playing politics than about keeping kids safe in school. There is no excuse for using children as political pawns.

Tell Republican officials: Drop your bigoted, anti-trans lawsuit. Click here to sign the petition.

These lawsuits are attempting to justify extremist fear mongering about transgender students and legitimize their segregation, humiliation, and isolation. Officials bringing them forward are failing their constituents, and encouraging hostility towards transgender people all over the country. It needs to end.

Tell Republican officials participating in the injunctions to stand up for kids, and stop their bigoted, anti-trans-lawsuits now. Click the link below to sign the petition.

Thank you for standing up for transgender children,

Tessa Levine, Campaign Manager
CREDO Action from Working Assets

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