Sign the petition: Stop the new Republican plan to cut Medicare

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House Speaker Paul Ryan just introduced a plan to slash America's earned health care benefits. His latest attack on Medicare would raise the eligibility age from 65 to 67, leaving millions stuck paying for expensive private insurance at a time when countless Americans have little or no retirement savings.

Ryan is making it clear yet again that gutting Medicare is a key component of his Republican Party's extreme right-wing agenda. We need a loud and immediate outcry to stop this plan in its tracks and make sure both parties know cutting Medicare is a political loser.

Sign the petition from our friends at Social Security Works: Reject Paul Ryan's new healthcare plan.

You can also read the email below from Social Security Works.

- Josh

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Speaker Paul Ryan made his name on ending Medicare as we know it. For years, he has introduced plan after plan that dismantled the guarantee of healthcare for Seniors who have paid into the program their whole lives.

This week, Speaker Ryan introduced a new plan to remake the Affordable Care Act and he tacked on a proposal to raise Medicare eligibility age by two years!

Raising the Medicare age to 67 means that millions of Americans, many of them Social Security beneficiaries, would be forced to purchase expensive private insurance instead. That is a cut to our earned benefits. If we are doing anything to the Medicare age, we have to be lowering it, at least to 62.

Please sign our petition rejecting Paul Ryan's calls to cut Medicare benefits by raising the eligibility age.

Republicans like to claim that Americans are living longer ñ and use this as justification to cut our hard earned benefits. That may be true for upper-income earners, but itís not for the vast majority of Americans who are being forced to work well into their retirement years just to stay financially afloat. And if you want to save Medicare money, start by holding prescription drug corporations accountable for price-gouging.

At a time when Americans face an unprecedented $7.7 trillion retirement savings gap – meaning that for the first time in our country's history, current and future retirees are preparing for a lower standard of living in retirement than their parents – we should be expanding earned benefits, not cutting them.

We must fight back!

Sign our petition today rejecting Republican proposals to cut our earned benefits and raise the Medicare eligibility age to 67.

Together, we can achieve real retirement security for all Americans, not just the wealthy few.

Thank you,

Michael Phelan
Social Security Works

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