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Tell CNN: Stop the climate negligence. Show climate coverage, not fossil fuel ads.

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"Stop the climate negligence. Inform viewers with comprehensive coverage on the urgent issue of climate change, and stop airing ads from organizations that deny science and obstruct climate action."

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Dear 5849376,

CNN: The Climate Negligence Network

Last year was the hottest year on record, smashing the global record set just the year before in 2014. And by April of this year, scientists were already declaring that 2016 will be even hotter.1

That should be news, right? The type of story that news operations — fulfilling their public duty to contribute to an informed populace — would want to cover?

Not if you are CNN, apparently. A new study by Media Matters reveals CNN actually airs far more fossil fuel advertisements than coverage of climate change - by a margin of 5-to-1!2

That is totally unacceptable. CNN has come under scrutiny recently for it's lack of substantive news coverage. Now is the time to pressure CNN to halt its climate negligence.

Tell CNN: Stop the climate negligence. Inform viewers with comprehensive coverage of climate change, and stop running ads for organizations that deny science.

According to the study, in one week following the announcement that 2015 was confirmed as the hottest year on record by NASA, CNN aired exactly 57 seconds of climate coverage — compared with more than 12.5 minutes of ads from the American Petroleum Institute. And that analysis doesn't even include dozens of ads for Koch Industries which "were not energy-focused but did serve to boost the image of the oil billionaire Koch brothers' primary corporation."3

Not only is CNN virtually silent on informing the public about the damage being caused by climate change, it is giving a platform to — and legitimizing — the voice of notorious climate deniers like the American Petroleum Institute and the Kochs, who have actively lobbied against climate action and promoted fraudulent doubt of climate change.4

Does CNN simply think climate change is not important? Or are they allowing advertising dollars to actively suppress their climate coverage?

Either way their level of coverage of climate change — the most pressing issue facing all of humanity — should be an embarrassment for the organization whose title is "The Cable News Network." And now is the time to call the organization out.

Tell CNN: Stop the climate negligence. Inform viewers with comprehensive coverage of climate change, and stop running ads for organizations that deny science.

Thanks for speaking out.

Elijah Zarlin, Director of Climate Campaigns
CREDO Action from Working Assets

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