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Dear 5849376,

Huge news: We just scored a major victory in Washington state this week, when the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers heeded the call of the Lummi Nation, and thousands of grassroots activists, and officially denied the permit for a $700 million project to build what would have been the largest coal export terminal in America.

But we aren't out of the clear. A second massive coal export terminal, also in Washington state, is currently under review by state and federal officials

Coal is a dying industry and is on its way out as an energy source in America, but that hasn't stopped coal companies from attempting to turn the Pacific Northwest into a hub for shipping dirty coal overseas. The Washington Department of Ecology has just released its environmental impact statement on the proposed Millennium coal export terminal in Longview, Washington, and the results aren't good.1 The public comment period is now open, and we need to show overwhelming opposition to this climate-harming, community-polluting project before it gets off the ground.

Tell Washington state: We say NO to the biggest coal export terminal in America. Click here to submit your comment.

It makes no sense to build America's largest coal export terminal at a time when coal is on its last legs, and there's no better evidence than this: The Millennium project's chief backer, Arch Coal – the second largest coal supplier in the United States – just filed for bankruptcy this year.

Since Arch Coal purchased an interest in the Millennium coal terminal over five years ago, the company's solvency plummeted due to its failed strategy of ignoring public concerns over coal pollution and the rising demand for clean energy.2

And according to Washington state's own environmental impact statement, the Millennium coal terminal would have major adverse impacts on the health and environment of the surrounding community and on our efforts to combat climate change.

If completed, the project would spread toxic coal dust throughout communities in the Northwest, posing a direct health threat to residents in the form of toxic air and water pollution. And the terminal, if built, would be one of the biggest greenhouse gas emitters in Washington state.

Tell Washington state: We say NO to the biggest coal export terminal in America. Click here to submit your comment.

CREDO activists have been fighting to stop coal export proposals in the Pacific Northwest for years by submitting hundreds of thousands of public comments and petition signatures, making hundreds of phone calls, and packing public hearings at every opportunity. But the coal industry isn't giving up easily, and we need to continue fighting to keep dirty coal in the ground where it belongs.

Now that Washington state has released its environmental impact statement, the public comment period is now open, and we need as many comments opposing this terrible idea as possible before the deadline. Tell them that building America's largest coal export terminal makes absolutely no sense, and it needs to be completely rejected.

Tell Washington state: We say NO to the biggest coal export terminal in America. Click below to submit your comment:

Thank you for your activism.

Josh Nelson, Campaign Manager
CREDO Action from Working Assets

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  1. April Geiling, "Proposed Coal Terminal Would Be The Equivalent Of Adding 8 Million Cars To The Road," ThinkProgress, April 29, 2016.
  2. "Arch Coal Bankruptcy: The End of an Era," Sierra Club, January 11, 2016.

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