Senate Democrats shouldn’t side with Republicans on energy

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Tell Senate Democrats: Stop the Energy Policy Modernization Act

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"Stop the Energy Policy Modernization Act, the Senate energy bill which represents a dangerous step back in the fight against climate change, and will likely get worse with additional Republican amendments. We need a rapid transition to clean energy, not to expedite fossil fuel extraction, and block energy efficiency measures."

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Dear 5849376,

Late last year, the Republican House of Representatives passed a dangerous energy bill which the Obama administration promptly opposed, recommending a veto.

Now the Senate is debating a version of the bill, which could be voted on before the end of this week. Despite the fact that the bill still contains harmful provisions which would undermine environmental protections, promote fossil fuel extraction, and hamper energy efficiency efforts,1 many Democrats, including Democratic leadership, are joining Republicans in support of the bill.2

If the bill passes with support from Democratic and Republican party leadership, President Obama will be under tremendous pressure to sign it. We need to speak out to urge Senate Democrats to stop this bill before it goes any further.

Tell Senate Democrats: Stop the Energy Policy Modernization Act. Click here to sign the petition.

Overall, this energy bill continues failed policies which simply do not match the urgent need to moving to clean energy and reduce climate pollution.

It contains billions of dollars in giveaways to the toxic, failing coal industry. It undermines the bedrock National Environmental Policy Act by expediting fracked gas export applications, which would also increase fracking. And it blocks federal energy efficiency efforts including in federal buildings, and implementation of a Department of Energy rule improving efficiency of home furnaces — which would be the biggest natural gas saving efficiency standards ever established.

A slew of extreme amendments from Republicans could make the bill even worse, including attempts to promote extraction of extreme fuels like tar sands and oil shale, roll back new regulations on offshore drilling and coal ash, speed pipeline applications, and block President Obama's just-announced moratorium on new coal sales on federal lands.

Tell Senate Democrats: Stop the Energy Policy Modernization Act. Click here to sign the petition.

While the bill also contains some positive provisions on land and water conservation and energy efficiency, the good is far outweighed by the bad.

The last energy legislation passed by Congress was during the Bush administration in 2007. In that time the world has changed. The urgency of climate change has only increased, renewable energy has surged, and the U.N. countries made a landmark agreement to try to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees celsius. It is long past time for an energy bill that rapidly promotes our transition to clean energy — not doubles down on more fossil fuel extraction.

Tell Senate Democrats: Stop the Energy Policy Modernization Act. Click here to sign the petition.

Thanks for speaking out.

Elijah Zarlin, Director of Climate Campaigns
CREDO Action from Working Assets

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  1. "Senate Energy Bill Fails the Climate Test," Oil Change International, 1/28/16
  2. "Senate Begins Debate on Comprehensive Bipartisan Energy Bill," New York Times, 1/27/16

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