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I just need a bit of help, I would like to send the person who is authorised to make changes to appliedchaosdynamicscontrolassociation.info a link to be added to this page:  http://symbiot.appliedchaosdynamicscontrolassociation.info/2011/10/tell-epa-chief-lisa-jackson-reject.html or to a resource page.  I think it will be a great addition to the resources on the environment. The resource is a data visualisation infographic filled with data from many environmental data related websites but put together in a very clever way that highlights all the data in a visual high impacting way. 

This is the link to the graphic: https://www.plantlocator.co.uk/impact-of-construction/ let me know what you think? I have another one based around farming and one on transportation if you are interested? I can send you the links to that as well just let me know.

Also if this is not the correct email address to send this to, can you please let me know or forward this message on to the correct person? 

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