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Abortion funding restrictions hurt women

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"Take a bold stand for women and families by eliminating all abortion coverage restrictions in your 2017 budget."

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Dear 5849376,

Anti-women, right-wing extremists in Congress are relentless in their commitment to take health care, including abortions, away from women. One of the most powerful tools they have is the Hyde Amendment, passed in 1976, which prohibits the use of federal funds for any health benefits coverage that includes abortion.

President Obama has retained the Hyde Amendment in each of his seven budgets. His acceptance of Hyde perpetuates and legitimizes the right-wing's anti-woman narrative that abortion is a behavior that should be stigmatized and defunded, rather than a valid and vital health service. It's a shameful legacy for a president who claims to be pro-choice.

He's got one more chance to make it right. He must submit a budget to Congress that shows he can be a champion of women's rights.

Tell President Obama: Stand with women by eliminating all abortion funding restrictions from your 2016/2017 budget. Click here to sign.

The past five years have seen close to 300 new abortion restrictions enacted across the country — the most aggressive wave of anti-choice legislation in recent history.1 Low-income women are disproportionately impacted by abortion funding restrictions and anti-choice laws. When the nearest clinic is hundreds of miles away, when waiting periods require multiple clinic visits, when access to Plan B and even basic birth control is restricted — it becomes nearly impossible for some women to exercise any "choice" at all, over their bodies and their futures.

It's bad enough that women have to fight so hard to defend their constitutional rights against right-wing Republican extremists. It's even worse when Democrats are also standing in the way. The Hyde Amendment has been re-authorized every year for the past 39 years, under Democratic presidents and with Congress in Democratic control. When President Obama ran for president he promised he would work to end Hyde's dangerous intrusion on "a poor woman's decision to terminate her pregnancy." He has failed to follow through on that promise, not only by endorsing Hyde in each of his seven budgets but by allowing the Stupak Amendment to strip access to abortion from ObamaCare.2

When he delivers his final budget, President Obama has one last opportunity to make a powerful statement that women and women's health care, including abortions, are a priority and that every woman deserves access to abortion coverage, no matter how much she makes or how she's insured.

Tell President Obama: Eliminate abortion funding restrictions from your 2016/2017 budget. Click the link below to sign the petition:

Thank you for standing with women,

Heidi Hess, Senior Campaign Manager
CREDO Action from Working Assets

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1. Rachel Benson Gold and Elizabeth Nash, "Attacks on Abortion Rights Continued in 2015, Ensnaring Family Planning Funding and Fetal Tissue Research," RHRealityCheck, 01/24/2016.
2. Lori Montgomery and Shailagh Murray, "In deal with Stupak, White House announces executive order on abortion," The Washington Post, 21/03/2010.

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