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Dear 5849376,

Oregon just became the latest target in an ongoing Republican war on public lands.

This time, Republican Rep. Greg Walden has introduced a bill that would dispose of thousands of acres of national forest land in Oregon's Klamath River Basin, which is home to both Klamath National Forest and Fremont-Winema National Forest.1

The area in question has long been a site of water resource disputes and concerns for habitat and fishery collapse. Fortunately, local officials together with farmers, tribesmen and conservationists have over the past several years negotiated three key agreements that preserve these pristine lands and habitats while ensuring economic stability for surrounding businesses and communities.

But Rep. Walden's bill seeks to completely negate these agreements, and instead hand these lands to logging companies for clear-cutting or simply sold off to the highest bidder. It's an outrageous intrusion on a successful local compromise and we've got to stop it.

Sign the petition: Reject Rep. Walden's bill and stop the giveaway of Oregon's national forests.

If Walden's bill succeeds, the impact on these forests would be felt for generations, restricting access to these shared public lands and allowing unsustainable practices that would destroy habitats and fisheries, and degrade water quality.

Walden's bill would shift the financial burden of maintaining these lands to the local county. And since counties, unlike the federal government, must keep balanced budgets, a lack of available funds would force the county to either raise taxes on local citizens or sell the land off to private developers.

Rep. Walden is attempting to undermine the agreements of local stakeholders and sell off our public lands to serve his own right-wing ideology. We need to make sure this terrible bill gets absolutely nowhere in Congress. Sign the petition and keep Oregon's national forests out of the hands of loggers and private corporations.

Tell Congress: Reject Rep. Walden's bill and stop the giveaway of Oregon's national forests.

Thank you for your activism.

Josh Nelson, Campaign Manager
CREDO Action from Working Assets

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  1. "Oregon Is The Latest Target Of Right-Wing Effort To Get Rid Of National Forests," ThinkProgress, December 14, 2015.

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