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Republican attacks on Planned Parenthood need to stop

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Dear 5849376,

Defend Planned Parenthood

Right-wing Republicans and anti-abortion extremists will go to any length to close Planned Parenthood clinics and block women's access to health care, including abortions. They will promote lies and deceptions. They will shame and patronize women. They will harass and intimidate health care providers. They will threaten to shutdown the government.

Last Friday's attack on a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado serves as a tragic reminder that the deceitful, incendiary rhetoric the right-wing uses to demonize Planned Parenthood and its patients has dangerous, real-world consequences.

Enough is enough.

Tell Republicans: It's time to stop your dangerous attacks on Planned Parenthood. Click here to sign the petition.

Since this summer, extremist anti-choice activists and Republican lawmakers have coordinated to use deceptively edited, secretly recorded videos to attempt to destroy Planned Parenthood. In their attempt to close clinics and take away women's health care, Republican members of Congress, presidential candidates and governors used rhetoric meant to stoke the outrage of the Republican party's anti-woman base. Examples of their irresponsible rhetoric include:

  • Speaker of the House John Boehner repeated the lie that fetal tissue donation is an "abortion-for-baby-parts business."1
  • Rep. Trent Franks claimed that Planned Parenthood has a "legendary disregard for the sanctity of innocent human life."2
  • Sen. Ted Cruz called Planned Parenthood a criminal enterprise and said the widely-discredited videos were "[exposing] Planned Parenthood's barbaric practices."3

Months of this hateful rhetoric have created an atmosphere that breeds violence and terrorism. In addition to Friday's shooting, there have been at least five other reported attacks against Planned Parenthood clinics since August.4 The FBI has been warning about increased attacks by pro-life extremists on reproductive health care facilities since September.5

Republicans must be held accountable for the inevitable consequences of their actions. Tell them to stop their dangerous attacks on Planned Parenthood. Click here to sign the petition.

Congressional Republicans are not going to end their quest to try and close Planned Parenthood. Both the House and Senate just passed a budget reconciliation bill that defunds the organization. While the President will veto this bill, their efforts will not stop.

There are currently five Congressional committees investigating Planned Parenthood, including a special committee formed by John Boehner just before his resignation.

House Republicans have not even hidden the fact that these investigations are nothing more than partisan witch hunts. House Majority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy, while bragging about the negative impact the Benghazi Committee was having on Hillary Clinton, suggested that it was time for a committee to do the same kind of investigation into Planned Parenthood.6 House Republican leaders have said that last week's attack in Colorado will not disrupt the special committee's plans.7 They need to shut it down.

We must also hold Republican presidential candidates to account. Since Friday's attack, candidates speaking out to exculpate themselves from responsibility for right-wing terror and denounce the violence have also doubled down to repeat the same lies and dangerous rhetoric that led to the violence in the first place.

Sen. Ted Cruz claimed, "there is no doubt that [Planned Parenthood] was selling baby parts."8 Donald Trump said that "there were many [Center for Medical Progress] tapes that are appropriate."9 We can't let them get away with such reckless and deceitful rhetoric.

Tell Republicans: It's time to stop your dangerous attacks on Planned Parenthood, including disbanding the House's special committee to investigate Planned Parenthood. Click the link below to sign the petition:

Thanks for standing up for Planned Parenthood and standing up for women.

Heidi Hess, Campaign Manager
CREDO Action from Working Assets

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