Help increase demand for 100% clean energy in Iowa

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You have a choice in Iowa: Sign up for 100% wind energy now.

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Arcadia Power

When it comes to preventing the worst impacts of climate change, a clean energy future isn't a choice — it's a necessity.

Unfortunately, the dirty utilities who power our homes don't see it that way. They've fought clean energy, and a majority of our electricity still comes from dirty fossil fuels, like coal and fracked gas.

For too long, most people in Iowa haven't had an easy way to get 100% clean electricity, and help increase demand for the clean, renewable energy we all need. Now you can.

Switch to 100% clean wind energy from Arcadia Power — America's first nationwide community wind program — and get $20 off your next electric bill. It only takes 5 minutes.

The more of us who chose 100% clean electricity, the bigger the demand will be. That's a crucial part of encouraging lawmakers, energy companies and utilities to invest in the clean energy future we need.

With Arcadia Power, you can. Arcadia buys clean wind power to offset 100% of the fossil-fuel electricity supplied to you by your utility — for just a little more than you pay now.

When you make the switch, your utility will still continue to deliver electricity through the same power lines, but Arcadia Power will ensure that 100% of your usage is covered by clean wind power. No equipment needed, and you'll experience the same reliability you're used to. You just set up an account online, and Arcadia Power gets to work for you by linking up with your current local utility.

Switching to Arcadia doesn't just cover your own electricity usage with 100% wind energy. It is a way to use your electric bill to cast an important vote for clean energy and be part of increasing demand for clean energy.

Sign up for clean energy for you home, apartment or business. Get $20 off your next electric bill by switching – with no long term obligation. And when you switch at the link below, Arcadia will also support CREDO's work to fight for the environment and progressive change:

Thank you for supporting clean energy.

Elijah Zarlin, Campaign Manager
CREDO Action from Working Assets

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