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1©Lisa Haney
"Mind Your Own Business" by Barbara Ehrenreich
2©Sofia Drescher
"Bubble Butts" by Jessica Loudis
3©Lim Choon Meng
"Knows a Little of What's Going Onby Scott Beauchamp

Hi Camp Baffler, 

How plastic are your neurons feeling today?

Check out the Baffler website to find contributing editor Barbara Ehrenreich throwing shade on "mindfulness," an unholy reincarnation of Buddhism in Silicon Valley. "For an industry based on empirical science and employing large numbers of engineers, Silicon Valley has been remarkably incurious about the scientific basis of mindfulness," Ehrenreich notes in her salvo, "Mind Your Own Business," which you can also find in our current issue. 

Meanwhile, Medellín, Colombia—the stomping-faces ground of Pablo Escobar, has cleaned up in the last twenty years, and the bulk of narco-crime has moved to Venezuela. But bodies in Medellín are still expendable, writes Jessica Loudis in "Bubble Butts." Women's bodies, at least, parts of which are apt to inflate as surgeons sculpt girls for sex-tourism.

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"Facebook's Web of Tiers" by Jacob Silverman
"Pep Talks for Spinsters" by Helaine Olen
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