VCs take the media, and corporate America wears a codpiece

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In a salvo that will knock your socks off, Jacob Silverman pokes at the podcast bubble. What do you get when a couple of radio producers set out to document their quest for startup success and venture capitalists' cash? (Hint: It's either "a daring new brand of documentary journalism" or "a venture-capital road show.")

On the blog, here's Sady Doyle: What is Game of Thrones if not "corporate America in a codpiece"?

And may we suggest, from our latest issue, a poem by Caroline Knox, who asks, "Why would the Minoans fire the / clay tablets which they recorded their / everyday transactions on?" (Answer: "They wouldn't and didn't.")

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"VCs Take the Media" by Jacob Silverman (Issue 27)
"Why would the Minoans" by Caroline Knox (Issue 27)
Scott Beauchamp on the Marshall Islands' anti-nuke lawsuit (Baffler blog)
Jacob Silverman on BuzzFeed's latest brand problem (Baffler blog)
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