The Baffler No. 27, "Venus in Furs," debuts online today, featuring Lucy Ellmann, Ann Friedman, and Eugenia Williamson

The Baffler No. 27, "Venus in Furs," debuts online today, featuring Lucy Ellmann, Ann Friedman, and Eugenia Williamson
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Look, it's our first-ever fashion issue!

But the work arrayed under the slightly furtive label, "Venus in Furs," amounts to nothing like the cosmetics kits of upmarket, style-addled journalism. We're mindful, instead, that the fashion industry's main proposition—confusing clothing with personal worth—has been a longstanding affront to women, not to mention a handy insignia for encoding and regulating the rules of social class.

The general drabness
 of American attire is also something to consider. We strap into the uniforms that come with our corporate cubicles, and on weekends don our baseball caps, flannels, sneakers, and mom jeans—the studied, casual look that hipsters have ironically lifted from the working class and that fashion pundits are wont to call "Normcore."

Ho well, like the boy said (more or less): the empire has nothing to wear.

Herein we also give you a manifesto for female supremacy; some bridge-burning recollections of what it meant to be a "Yahoo"; a peek at the mindfulness industry; the torrid love affair between venture capital and the media; the death of tech criticism as we knew it; and remembrances of Joe Bageant, Philip Roth, Karl Kraus, Joseph Brodsky, The New Republic, the city of Buffalo, and the very concept of satire.

Oh, and so much more—some crisp and colorful new art, stories, and poems, too. The whole issue is not up online quite yet, but we'll be rolling it all out over the next few weeks.

Try it all on for size, why don't you.

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Three Strikes! by Lucy Ellmann (no. 27)
New art by Michael Duffy (no. 27)
Idle Threads: The sartorial unconscious by Ann Friedman (no. 27)
New photography by Lucia Fainzilber (no. 27)
The Revolution Will Probably Wear Mom Jeans by Eugenia Williamson (no. 27)
Tickets are on sale now for "Venus in Furs," The Baffler no. 27 release party in NYC, March 18, featuring contributors Lucy Ellmann, Ann Friedman, and Eugenia Williamson.
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