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Sign the petition: Demand justice for burned McDonald's workers

The petition to Labor Secretary Thomas Perez reads:
"Four out of five fast food workers have been burned on the job, some severely, yet many restaurants ignore worker complaints and do not provide adequate first aid. I urge you to investigate the fast food industry's failure to provide safe working conditions or proper treatment for severe injuries."

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Dear 5849376,

"Put mustard on it."

That's what one McDonald's manager allegedly told an employee after she suffered a burn so severe that she was immediately rushed to the hospital.1

And this one callous incident is not an isolated case. Fast food chains have a long history of ignoring or not adequately treating workplace injuries. In fact, 79% of fast food workers have been burned on the job and a large majority of them have suffered multiple burns in the past year.2

Fast food workers have suffered enough injuries on the job while their employers turn a blind eye, and they are fighting back. McDonald's workers across 19 major cities have filed 28 health and safety complaints alleging that pressure to work quickly, and lack of protective gear or adequate training, has led to multiple and repeated workplace injuries, including severe burns.

It is time for the Department of Labor to respond to these complaints by fully investigating the failure of McDonald's and other fast food chains to provide adequate safety and treatment of their workers.

Tell Labor Secretary Thomas Perez: Investigate the fast food industry's failure to provide safe working conditions. Click here to sign the petition.

The stories from the workers have been appalling. Some allege that managers tell burned employees "to treat burns with condiments like mustard or mayonnaise rather than burn cream."3

In one case in New Orleans, an untrained worker filtering hot grease was not provided burn-resistant gloves, and the plastic glove melted into the worker's hands. In Philadelphia, workers describe burns by Teflon from old grills being stuck to arms and hands. And many workers claim their restaurants don't even have basic first aid kits.4

But these lawsuits are just the first step to get justice for these workers. An investigation by the Department of Labor could pave the way for better working conditions and union representation for all fast food workers across the country.

Those brave workers need to know that we have their backs. That is why we are joining our friends at "Fight for 15" to stand with them and demand a full investigation into the mistreatment of workers by major fast food chains.

Click the link below to sign the petition demanding Labor Secretary Thomas Perez thoroughly investigate worker mistreatment by the fast food industry:

Thanks for standing up for workers' rights.

Murshed Zaheed, Deputy Political Director
CREDO Action from Working Assets

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