Dangerous and racist conspiracy theories

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5849376, sign the petition urging Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach to resign from office after his racist comments about President Obama.

Kris Kobach, Kansas' Secretary of State, is encouraging dangerous racist conspiracy theories.

When a caller to his weekly radio show suggested President Barack Obama would soon demand an end to all criminal prosecutions of African-Americans saying, "there just won't be any prosecutions of black criminals," Kobach agreed, saying, "It's already happening, more or less, in the case of civil rights laws… So I guess it's not a huge jump. I think it's unlikely but, you know, I've learned to say with this president: never say never."1

The minority leader of the Kansas State Senate, Anthony Hensley, is calling on Kris Kobach, whom he describes as "the most racist politician in America today," to resign from office. Kobach is also well known as the author of the nation's harshest anti-immigration bills like Arizona's infamous SB 1070.

We can't elected officials to go unchallenged when they make make racist statements about our African-American president. That's why we're joining our friends at Kansas People's Action to hold Kobach accountable.

Sign the petition demanding Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach resign from office immediately.

Keep fighting,
Becky Bond

1. "Top Kansas Dem: Kris Kobach Is 'The Most Racist Politician In America Today'," Talking Points Memo, March, 9, 2015.

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