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Historic victory on Net Neutrality

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"Thank you for voting for strong Net Neutrality rules under Title II."

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Dear 5849376,

Big Telecom pulled out all the stops to kill equality on the Internet – but it lost. And we won.

CREDO has been fiercely engaged in this fight for a decade – since George W. Bush deregulated broadband and opened the door for Big Telecom companies to discriminate on the Internet.

Most politicians thought we couldn't win this fight. Some Democrats joined Republicans on the wrong side. Others expressed support but were simply too timid to speak out on behalf of the strongest rules.

But thanks to your activism, millions spoke out for the only solution that would make strong rules on Net Neutrality possible: the awkwardly named "Title II reclassification." The president joined you in this call and today the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted to adopt historic Net Neutrality rules under the legal framework we've been demanding all these years.

We haven't seen the final rules yet, but all reports suggest that this is a huge victory. Right now we need to thank the Democratic FCC commissioners – Chairman Tom Wheeler, Mignon Clyburn, and Jessica Rosenworcel – for standing up for Net Neutrality.

Thank FCC Commissioners Wheeler, Clyburn and Rosenworcel for doing their part to save the Internet by passing strong Net Neutrality rules. Click here to sign the petition.

Let's be clear: This wouldn't have happened without you and the millions of other grassroots activists who spoke out for Net Neutrality. Big Telecom is used to getting its way in D.C. – and for good reason. Most Beltway insiders dismissed this kind of victory as impossible because Telecom giants usually have enough money and influence to play the insider game and get Democrats to support them or stay neutral. As a result they usually win.

That's what happened in 2010, when President Obama's first FCC Chair Julius Genachowski caved to Big Telecom and passed sham rules that his own lawyers warned him wouldn't stand up in court.

But this time, we changed the game. Since the early days of this fight, CREDO got a lot bigger. Instead of being a 500,000 member organization, now we have more than 3 million progressives fighting for change.

New and fierce groups rose to prominence after the SOPA/PIPA fight – most prominently Demand Progress and Fight for the Future. We became close allies with those groups, organizing campaigns together and providing them with funding.

A new generation of Civil Rights leaders have are making Net Neutrality a major part of their equality agenda. ColorOfChange has grown into a powerful voice for protecting civil rights online. Because of their advocacy, and that of groups like the Center for Media Justice, the Media Action Grassroots Network, and the National Hispanic Media Coalition, Democrats who in the past have sided with telecom lobbyists changed their tune this time around.

The biggest progressive Web site, Daily Kos, also got deeply involved in the fight. MoveOn mobilized its members organizing nationwide rallies. Policy groups like Free Press pushed back in Washington, D.C. and made it clear that no insider compromise would get the backing of the grassroots. And then, one by one, other Internet businesses joined CREDO Mobile in the fight and got the attention of some of the most corporate-minded Democrats.

This powerful coalition of grassroots leaders, startups and tech companies, civil rights groups, lawyers, consumer and privacy advocates and netroots groups organized millions of people in every corner of the country to call out the toxic influence of Big Telecom in Washington, D.C., and demand real Net Neutrality.

This was a massive group effort, and no organization or business can claim sole credit for this victory. But CREDO activists played a major role, and not just since the Verizon lawsuit invalidated the weak rules adopted in 2010 – we've been doing this for a decade.

Since Verizon invalidated the old rules in court in January of 2014, over 310,000 CREDO members successfully urged Chairman Wheeler to protect Net Neutrality. Part of the reason that Chairman Wheeler did the right thing is probably that, after over 210,000 of us asked President Obama to support Title II, he did. We've made thousands and thousands of calls to the FCC, Congress and President Obama calling for strong rules that will protect the open Internet.

Not only have we organized, but CREDO has helped fund the movement for Net Neutrality by giving nearly a million dollars in recent years to incredible groups like Demand Progress, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Color Of Change, the ACLU and Free Press.

We're proud of the part we've played in this victory, but we have to remember that our wins are rarely permanent. We will have to defend these rules again and again and again. This is something that with your help we are prepared to do.

Chairman Wheeler's Net Neutrality rules are already becoming the latest target for Republican paranoia and conspiracy theories. As we prepare for the next stage of this fight, let's thank the FCC commissioners who listened when we spoke out, and voted to save the Internet.

Thank FCC Commissioners Wheeler, Clyburn and Rosenworcel for doing their part to save the Internet by passing strong Net Neutrality rules. Click the link below to sign the petition.

Thank you for taking action.

Becky Bond, Political Director
CREDO Action from Working Assets

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