Andrew J. Bacevich on "Star-Spangled Spam," Robert Appelbaum's dispatches from Athens, Jacob Silverman on the AI apocalypse, and more

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Fellow countrymen:

Please enjoy Andrew J. Bacevich's meditation on America's strange insistence on commemorating the inglorious War of 1812. "Here, indeed, is an episode of history that we may safely say produced next to nothing of value, with a 1959 hit record by Johnny Horton being a possible exception," Bacevich writes in "Star-Spangled Spam."

Speaking of patriotic misappropriation, then check out Caroline O'Donovan's piece on the Baffler blog, "The Revolution Will Be Venture Funded," about a VC fund in Washington called "1776" that is pledging to do the "revolutionary" work of, you know, making boat-loads of cash off of tech startups. (If this be treason, make the most of it!)

Finally, for news about an actual revolution of sorts, follow Robert Appelbaum's series of dispatches from Greece. His second piece, "Anarchy in Exarchia," went up this week.

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Star-Spangled Spam by Andrew J. Bacevich (no. 26)
Anarchy in Exarchia by Robert Appelbaum on the Baffler blog, with photographs by Marion Appelbaum
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The Revolution Will Be Venture Funded by Caroline O'Donovan on the Baffler blog
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Breaking: Moguls Fear AI Apocalypse by Jacob Silverman on the Baffler blog
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