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Publicly owned coal must stay in the ground

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"Giving publicly owned coal to private companies is incompatible with President Obama's stated commitment to stop runaway climate change. You must end the federal coal leasing program and do everything in your power to keep publicly owned coal in the ground."

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Dear 5849376,

The federal coal leasing program is an unmitigated disaster. Billions of tons of taxpayer-owned coal are given away to international coal companies for a fraction of its value. The coal is then shipped around the globe where it is burned in power plants that are torching the planet.

But according to a shocking new study published in the journal Nature, we must leave at least 90 percent of remaining U.S. coal reserves in the ground to have just a 50-50 chance of stopping runaway climate change.1

Now, after decades of deference to coal companies, and outright incompetence, the Interior Department is finally updating the federal coal leasing program. But instead of simply charging coal companies more money for publicly owned coal, as Interior has indicated it plans to do, we need to do what scientists say is necessary and keep dirty coal in the ground where it belongs.

Deadline March 9: Tell the Interior Department to stop the dirty coal giveaway. Click here to submit a public comment now.

For decades, the Interior Department has sold taxpayer-owned coal for next to nothing to provide cheap electricity domestically and promote economic development. But with coal use declining rapidly in the United States, huge multi-national companies are now working to ship the coal to Asia, where they can sell it for a huge profit.

Since the rules governing the federal coal leasing program were last updated more than 25 years ago, coal companies have learned to exploit loopholes and shield themselves from royalty payments. So the coal leasing program isn't just a major contributor to climate change – it is also a ripoff for taxpayers, with an estimated billion dollars per year less in revenue than it should have.2

In 2013, just days after Sally Jewell was confirmed as our new interior secretary, nearly 100,000 CREDO activists told her to put a stop to the federal coal leasing program. But since then, Interior has continued giving away hundreds of millions of tons of dirty coal.

As long as the federal coal leasing program is allowed to continue, its huge contribution to global greenhouse gas emissions will undermine President Obama's climate agenda. With the administration finally reviewing and updating the federal coal leasing program, this is a key opportunity to put an end to the dirty coal giveaway once and for all.

Tell the Obama administration: Put an end to the federal coal leasing program. Click here to submit a public comment now.

Thanks for fighting to keep dirty coal in the ground.

Josh Nelson, Campaign Manager
CREDO Action from Working Assets

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1. "To Curb Global Warming, 90 Percent of U.S. Coal Should Stay Buried," Bloomberg, January 7, 2015.
2. "Federal Coal Program Costing Taxpayers And States More Than $1 Billion Per Year In Lost Royalties," Think Progress, January 29, 2015.

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