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Tell the FDA: Ban the dangerous meat additive ractopamine

The petition to the FDA reads:
"The chemical livestock additive ractopamine is dangerous to both animals and humans and is banned in over 160 countries. You must immediately ban all use of this chemical in the U.S. food supply."

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Dear 5849376,

If you've eaten meat recently, especially pork, you've probably ingested food treated with the chemical additive ractopamine, a livestock growth drug so dangerous that 160 countries worldwide have banned it.1

But incredibly, the Food and Drug Administration has continued to approve its use here in the U.S. food supply, endangering livestock, farm workers, and our health.

The FDA must ban this dangerous chemical from our food supply once and for all.

Tell the FDA: Ban the use of ractopamine in our food. Click here to sign the petition.

It's estimated that up to 80% of all hogs in the U.S. are treated with this dangerous additive,2 yet countries across the globe – from Asia to the EU – have banned its use.

In fact, in response to foreign demand for ractopamine-free meat, Smithfield, the world's largest pork producer, has begun producing livestock without the additive for sale in China. Yet, the company still sells animals fed this unsafe chemical to U.S. markets.3

The effects of this chemical on consumers, livestock, and farm workers are serious. Ractopamine can cause animals to become sick and die, and long-term exposure to humans hasn't been fully studied.4 What's more, animals fed this chemical can become agitated, short of breath, stiff, and difficult to handle, putting farm workers at risk.5

The Humane Society, the Center for Food Safety, the United Farm Workers and others have recently filed suit against the FDA to ban this toxic substance from the food supply.6 This is the perfect opportunity to apply even more pressure on the FDA to get this dangerous chemical out of our food.

Tell the FDA: Ban the use of ractopamine in our food. Click the link below to sign the petition:

Thanks for all you do to keep our food safe.

Josh Nelson, Campaign Manager
CREDO Action from Working Assets

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