Barbara Ehrenreich's dystopian biology, Suzy Hansen on narcissism in America, and Jacob Silverman on Silicon Valley's moral responsibility for spying

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This week on The Baffler online we featured a meditation on the inner lives of the cells in the human body, by Barbara Ehrenreich. Cells are living things, after all, tiny animals. What are their lives like? "What's in this for the macrophages, which by enabling metastasis seal their own doom?" Ehrenreich wonders. "Or for that matter, what's in it for the cancer cells, which will die along with the organism they destroy?"

Last week we highlighted another beautiful essay, by Suzy Hansen, entitled "America's Long Holiday: When narcissism attacks." Hansen reviews Elizabeth Lunbeck's book about the history of narcissism, offers an alternate reading of the work of Christopher Lasch, and in the process, reminds readers why this all-American set of ideas has traditionally been so appealing.

We hope you enjoy these, and some of the other selections you may have missed on The Baffler website, below.

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Terror Cells: Ain't No Cure for Dystopian Biology by Barbara Ehrenreich (no. 26)
Where Are Silicon Valley's Whistleblowers? by Jacob Silverman on the Baffler blog
America's Long Holiday: When narcissism attacks by Suzy Hansen (no. 26)
Simple Notebooks for Complicated Times by Caroline O'Donovan on the Baffler blog
Constrained Debate and Distractions at the State of the Union by Scott Beauchamp on the Baffler blog
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